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Some Pictures From Jose….

Today Jose and Andy made their final rounds in PAP and are headed to the Mission of Hope to take pictures of our medical team that we have stationed there. I asked him to send me some pics now that they have internet at the Visa Lodge. I obviously didn’t want to post any that would be inappropriate or disgraceful showing bodies and such. So that made picking photos to post rather difficult. The first picture was from the rescue last night at Caribbean Market. They were there when she was pulled out.

Oddly enough the duo was able  to sneak their way into the airport today and watch all the staging of the relief efforts. There were really only UN and officials there ….and then Andy and Jose. Somehow they blended well. They also went by one of the largest burial sites  – one I’m sure you saw on TV where 1000’s of bodies are just stacked together. I can’t even imagine. I saw that on TV and it was all I could stand…..and to think Jose was there. He said the smell almost took him out blocks before he even got there. These poor people of Haiti – the things their eyes have seen.

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We started the morning off at 5am while everyone ran outside of their homes and onto the streets. Why? Because rumors spread that another quake was coming. Frantically people ran out and waited….for nothing.

I’m sure you watched the report on CNN a few days ago where gangs yelled that there was a Tsunami coming and 1000’s took to the street running as fast as they could – with panic and terror.

And for what? Let’s scare them so they run and leave what little belongs they had left.  So – now the gangs can just steal all the things left behind. Was today the same thing? Did the rumor come to go out of the homes so that robbers could break in? What un ugly tragedy on top of the worst tragedy Haiti has ever seen.

There are Voodoo Priests here telling the people – you see – you see what your “God” has done for you? He has done nothing. He has taken your families…..He has forsaken you.

I gave a talk to the Haitian staff this morning because I had to share with them truth. Most of them wearing black clothes – ready to mourn any news they might receive – maybe just 15 who’ve actually heard anything.

I said today you ran out in darkness – afraid for your life. And again and again we find ourselves surrounded by darkness. Today I bring you Light…..because darkness cannot hide from the Light. How many times must God shake us before we realize that this earth is not our home? I don’t know why this happened just like I don’t understand many things that happen here on earth….but I know that I have a better place waiting for me.

We must mourn the tragedy and our hearts must break. But for those who know Christ – they ran into the gates of Heaven the moment it happened. The schools full of children were at their desks and within an instant they were at the feet of Jesus. If you had the choice of Haiti or Heaven which do you choose? And if you have family that survived and still don’t know Jesus – you better show them who He is because we do not control what happens today.

I heard the reports that this is the end of the world and voodoo priests talking bad about God. (They all shook their heads yes). So they said if our God was a real God this wouldn’t have happened? Is the same not true for them? Well then why didn’t their Satan stop it? (They never thought about that.)

I said – I may not know why things happen but I know enough not to believe in the lies of darkness.

That’s the thing I hate about voodoo….because it’s all lies and such clever mind games.

Since Jose and Andy are in PAP right now – we are collecting names and addresses of the employees still waiting on word and sending them to the boys to see if they can find the homes and send us some answers.