Injured That We Are Seeing Up North

I sent Nurse Betty to Port-de-Paix today to see what types of injuries are showing up in the hospital there (only 10 miles from us). She said she never dreamed that people who were that injured could come this far. It’s at least an 8 hour drive on dirt roads full of ruts and holes. […]

Refugees and Patients are making their way North

Reports came this morning that patients are making their way to Port-de-Paix and they are completely  at capacity. We just gave 50 mattresses and other supplies to help with their hospital as all our crew is in Port-au-Prince helping. The hospital in LaPointe is also taking patients and more than likely we will start seeing […]

Our Good Friend Gesner

Such a blessing today to see Gesner. He started off as an interpreter here for the eye team and through their efforts decided to become an eye doctor. He was in school in PAP when the quake happened and we’ve been worried about him. He showed up today with some AMAZING photos of the school […]