Our Good Friend Gesner

Such a blessing today to see Gesner. He started off as an interpreter here for the eye team and through their efforts decided to become an eye doctor. He was in school in PAP when the quake happened and we’ve been worried about him. He showed up today with some AMAZING photos of the school district and that beautiful smile that we’ve been missing so much.

Erika wrote a story about him this morning and also posted his pictures. Gesner is actually the reason why Jose and Andy have internet. He had a portable one that you just plug into your computer and it doesn’t require it’s own dish. He met up with our guys a few days back to give it to them before he started his adventure back here.

Click here to see his story

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  1. Thank you so much for letting so many know that Gesner is ok! Please let him know that we are so grateful to God for His protection for him and Jose, and now for all those still in PAP.

    We Love You All

    Bonnie and Tom

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