I heard from a truck driver who was with Jose earlier today. Jose’s phone still doesn’t work but as the driver went home his phone started to work and he called Wisley at 4:30 and I didn’t see Wisley until now – 10pm.  Lord – why do I doubt you? Do you not ALWAYS protect my family? Have you not proven that to me time and time and time and time again?

He is helping with relief work – – of course he is. I’m sure his heart couldn’t leave the people suffering.

On other news – the two orphan boys came back with a tragic story. The quake started and they ran out of the house as it fell and killed everyone in it. They ran to another house that had their friends and only one person came out – Exalus who often helps with groups. No one else. Immediately a school full of little children fell and everyone died inside. We could barely understand their story through the sobbing. I had to ask 3 different times to really understand and I honestly may still be missing something.  Melonnie led a praise and worship session with Americans and Haitians tonight. She said that there weren’t any dry tears. Everyone is mourning as news continues to filter in.

Why tell you that – because I’m trying to make this real – not just something you see on the news. This isn’t some distant land – this is my home. The terror in their eyes is something I will never forget and I want you to picture what that looks like. They have had nightmares all day long. They told me they will never be the same. They were shaken and scared and in shock. How many others are that way – those that did survive and will never forget what they saw?  How could it not change the life of every single person there? Lord Have Mercy On Haiti…

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  1. As one of Rosie’s sponsors, I have been in prayer for
    your safety. I will continue to keep the mission and
    all those you serve in my prayers. I am going to
    contact Park U. Meth. Church to get some financial
    aid started. Thank you for keeping us updated.
    May God’s arms enfold you all.

  2. Hi Jody,

    You probably don’t remember me — I went to Haiti on a mission with my dad (Charlie Bennetch) about 12 or so years ago. My heart just hurts for you, your family, and your home, Haiti. Much love. Thanks for keeping us posted — you’re not far from my thoughts.

  3. Does this mean that we lost the other boys who lived with Fordieu and Jocelyn in PAP — Hanson, Reginald, et.al? So anxious to hear good news from all of them!

  4. Jody,

    Please know you all are in our thoughts and prayers. My heart hurts for haiti. Thank you for all your updates. Be safe!!! Know we love you all. We are praying!!!!

  5. JB, can’t you see that GOD is their ONLY HOPE???? He is revealing that to them through this tragedy!!! You will help them see that!!! God bless you for your intense love for the Haitian people. I will take Exalus off the list of missing people to pray for that I gave my high school girls last night (from Jani). We have to give PRAISE for each and every one who is FOUND, JB. Please don’t let the enemy allow you to dwell on those who are lost. You have seen SUCH pain and suffering and death in that country that you love so desperately – and you are still standing. You are making a difference and that’s what is most important. God will take care of the children who have perished. The others have either made their decision for Christ or not for Christ (free will) – you can’t make that decision FOR them. That’s not the way it works. No, I’m not trying to justify this horrific event, but I am saying that it is NO surprise to God. He didn’t CAUSE IT, but He has known that it was coming. He WILL work it for good for those who love Him and are calling according to His purpose. You are one of the “called”, JB, and you will see the good that He will make come of this. HE PROMISES IT!! You may only see little bits and pieces of “good”, but CLING to those with all you have in you!!! They are SIGNIFICANT!!!

    I TOLD YOU that Jose was helping people – that’s what you all are there for you know…. Trust that God has His Perfect Plan – even when evil rules this globe. WE WIN in the end. We know that!! God WILL protect Jose – you KNOW He will.

    Fight the good fight – put on your Armor EVERY DAY- EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!! You need it now more than ever. Cry with those who need to be cried with. You are the most empathetic person I’ve ever known. That is one of your spiritual gifts, my friend. You aren’t supposed to have answers for those who are grieving – you are to point them in the direction of the ONLY ONE Who can give them peace and healing — and that’s Jesus Christ. You KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!! You’ve been doing it ever since you got there!!! So, just do what you do best – and let God use you in any way He chooses. You don’t need to try to “explain” the “WHYS” (especially since there AREN’T any) – just cry with the ones who need your compassion. And tell them about our Jesus. He will give them peace if they ask for it.

    I love you desperately – you are constantly on my mind. The WORLD is seeing Haiti right now and I really honestly believe that this is a GOOD thing in a horrible tragedy. I HAVE to look for the positive or else I will go totally insane, so that’s what I do. I simply HAVE to implement Romans 8:28. I HAVE TO!! I know it’s a promise of God and I have to cling to those like my very life depends on it. It’s the TRUTH and we have to CLING to the TRUTH. GOD ALMIGHTY is TRUTH. He is the only HOPE for Haiti.

    I love you with all my heart.

  6. We are praying…and God who is sovereign will make good news out of tragic news. Arms around you from a distance and may our love uphold you as you minister and serve there.

  7. Jody,

    Our prayers are unending for you, Jose, your family and all of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. We are paralyzed and mesmerized as we watch this unfold. Today’s news is good as aid is finally arriving including a medical/surgery ship which is on its way. None soon enough, I know. Thank you for your witness through all of this. You glorify Him with your story. Somehow, as always, we will see Him reveal himself.

    We pray that Haiti will be reborn out of this tragedy and that the world will know what we know. That Haiti is home to God’s children and that there is great hope there because of what you and Jose and Janiel and all of the NWHCM family does in service to our soveriegn Lord and saviour.

    We love you, we pray for you and with you and we send our financial support. America and the world are responding with their hearts and their treasures.

  8. Northwest!

    We are keeping everyone in our prayers. Thanks for the updates. Lot’s of questions from those outside our Church in Cayuga about the Mission and our group that is on the ground in the Northwest. We still plan on coming in July – wished we could be there to help know but it is Gods plan to have us when he needs us.

    Give our Love and Compassion to those that are in need.

  9. Jody

    I attend First Church of Christ here in KY. I have prayed for the mission for so long and have been following your blog since this tragedy. Particularly this morning as I got up I thought of you and your precious Jose. The news today that he is well is such a blessing to me. My prayers will continue for you and all of the Haitians. May God strengthen you, bless you, and surround you all of these days.

  10. Jody,I’am Steve Tenney’s sister,we all go to Tomoka Christian Church with Melonnie and Steve has been to Haiti 8 times,believe me your are all in our prayers,I was suppose to go on this last trip with them but got really sick,it broke my heart not to go!But PLEASE know our Church is collecting all the money we can to send to help you all! I weap as I see all the news and read what u have written,I pray for all of you and all of Haiti and for your Husband Jose to stay safe,God will PROTECT him!As u stated there was a reason his hotel wasn’t struck down and we both know that was GOD protecting him,probably so he could be there to help!Please tell Melonnie and Susan and RJ that I love them and we are praying for them and all of you and everyone in Haiti!Please keep blogging so we know whats going on!Thank you and God Bless you all for all you do for the Haitian people! Much Love In Christ,Roxy(Roxanne)

  11. Having been there in 2004 and my wife just having been there this past june/july our Family has a love for Haiti that has never been more present then now. I have been in tears of sadness and joy as the tragic news and BLESSED news comes. We are keeping you and the NWHCM in our prayers! It has been a comfort to be able to be in touch with melonnie during this time as she is a good friend of the family as well as a loved member of our church here in Ormond Beach. God Bless you and know that prayers are being said worldwide for Haiti!

  12. Jody,
    Having been at the mission, as you know, I can’t imagine how horrible the scenes that Jose is seeing. We are praying for all the NWHCM people throughout Haiti as they try to take care of the needs of those that have survived this disaster. At Plateau Christian Church here in Crossville we are going to encourage our people to help with money for the supplies needed by your Medical Teams helping in PAP. We will stay in touch through your BLOG.
    God Knows Our Needs,
    Gary and Pat Ouverson

  13. Jody, I was on a mission trip with an eye care team 6 years ago (in January). My short time in Haiti, I absolutely fell in love with it and the people. Your parents came to Minnesota and stayed with us one night to pick up clothes, etc. I had collected for the mission. Of course I came back with “adopted grandkids” and am so happy to hear they are all safe at the mission and the orphanage. My heart is breaking for those that are suffering and my prayers are constant for all of you.

  14. Steve & Lisa, Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you and for all those at your mission and for the many who were in the worst part. We have had so many calls with so many wanting to check on the both of you.

    Your dad & I are so proud of the both of you for your walk with the Lord here and there. You are both such an example to all of us as to what a Christian is to be.

    Mom & Dad
    You are all in our prayers.

  15. Please know that the mission team and all at Lincoln Hills Christian in Corydon, Indiana, are praying for NWHCM and everyone involved in the recovery effort now and in the months to come.

  16. Jody… met you through Angel and have followed everything through her also. I am praying for you, your family and for the many people in Haiti and around the world who are grieving. Please know that I and many others are praying.

  17. Jody:

    Though we have never met I have been touched by your daily blogs. Our family is close friends Jeff and Kim Holloway and NWHCM holds a special place in our heart as we support sending the teams out from Scottsbluff. You are in our prayers. God Bless the work you faced with.

    Nancy Hall

  18. Can i just say what a blessing your words of encouragement is. There has been drama after drama and it’s nice to go to sleep reading the love notes from my christian brothers and sisters. It has sustained me through so much. love you all.

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