Understanding NWHCM Website

I have had several people email me and ask how to find things on the website. So I wanted to take this moment to help you understand how our homepage works.

The Mission’s Website Is: www.nwhcm.org

When you land on the Homepage:

We have rotating stories on the top. When you click any of those pictures it will take you to the story that goes with the picture.

Underneath the story (but above the WELCOME) there is a place you can click to see pictures of Andy and Jose’s trip in PAP. Beware – these photos may not be suitable for children. They are done in very good taste but show you the reality of Haiti.


On the left-hand side of the website you see all kinds of paragraphs. These are all updates from the mission. The first paragraph is a new notice that was just posted today about Medical Volunteers. Underneath that it talks about the IRS letting you still claim donations that you make right now on your 2009 taxes. The 3rd paragraph is where you can find updates from the field. These are little updates of what is happening here. Melissa or myself will be emailing information to our Media Director – Andy Olsen – and he will be posting those updates there.


On the right-side of the mission website – you’ll see another slew of paragraphs. All those paragraphs are from the blogs of the missionaries. Not all the missionaries feel like each post they write needs to be on the main site. So even if you don’t see updates on the home-page – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t write something new. You can always go to the staff page of the website to find the missionary blogs. If you click About Us and then underneath that click Our Staff that will take you to all the staff. You can find their blog-links beside their pictures. Also – most of us missionaries link each other on our blogs. So if you get confused – just click on the blog (even if you’ve already read it) and you can navigate from one blog to another by clicking the links we have on the sides.

Mission Trips

Underneath the Welcome  (dead-center of the homepage) you will find information about our upcoming trips. For example: We will not be processing applications until February 1st. This is because this is a rapidly changing Haiti. Yesterday we could buy plane tickets to come into Haiti February 2nd. By the afternoon we found out the airport is closed until February 19th. It could be longer. So to be updated on how the earthquake is effecting trips – you want to check the middle of  the homepage for that information.

Now if you want to come to Haiti and see what our upcoming trips are. If you click in the upper right-hand corner (Beside the rotating pics) you will see NORTHWEST HAITI TRIPS. Simply click that link and you’ll see all the trips the mission is offering.

To find out more information about trips – the costs of trips – FAQ – download a trip booklet – you want to click on GET INVOLVED. There is information right there in the center of the webpage that talks about Trip Photos, Trip Blogs, and Trip Payments. If you want more information – Right underneath the GET INVOLVED there are some sub-categories that are GREEN. If you click MISSION TRIPS WITH NWHCM – – you are going to find so much information! That is where you find out about Trip Costs, FAQ, Mission Travel Booklet, Trip Applications, etc.


There are several ways you can give. Whether it’s for a missionary, earthquake relief, or paying for a trip. If you click GIVE – from the homepage – it will walk you through setting up an account with the mission. You can also click GET INVOLVED and there is a place where you can enter in your trip payments. We also have a brand-new way to give by TEXTING from your phone. That explanation can be found on the left-hand side of the homepage.

I hope this has been helpful. There is so much information – so dig in! You’ll learn a lot about what NWHCM is doing! 🙂

Here is also a link from the mission website that will give you information on how to navigate around it- click here

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  1. Hi Jody,

    Thanks for doing this. I have sent some info to people, but I know sometimes it is difficult to get to all the spots, so this is a great help.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help put our minds & hearts in your space, so we can more fully understand the reality of what it is right now, there in Haiti. Love & blessings to you all.

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