Malaya’s and Rosie’s Birthday Party

On Saturday we had the girls’ birthday party. Rosie turned 6 years old on January 8th and Malaya turned 5 years old on January 20th. I have to tell you that it took everything in me to get into the “party” spirit but it was so good for the girls. It brought some type of normalcy to our day. We invited Haylee and Hannah from the baby orphanage, Wisley’s two boys, and Ymadel’s two daughters. The kids made bracelets, watched a movie, ate sloppy joes, had cake with ice cream, and of course got a few presents. Rosie told me this was the best day all month. Malaya told me she wanted to share her dolls with the children that were under concrete. (Aww…So close. We almost had a day where we didn’t talk about it).

I posted a few party pictures on the side of this blog. My parents came to the party and I think it was just a nice break from our reality. It was a few hours where we got to pretend that everything was okay and it was just another day. Last night there was another quake. I knew our bed was shaking but Jose kept telling me it was in my head. I found out later we really did have another quake – 4.7.  To Jose’s defense – I think our bed shakes all the time. I talked to some of the Haitians and other missionaries – I think we all struggle with that.  We have yet to have a night where one of the girls isn’t scared thinking the house will fall.   I can’t imagine what it’s like for the people in Port-au-Prince who get the brunt of the shaking.

Today at our nutritional program a lady had a baby and left him in the toilet. Another lady in the program found the little boy and took him to the nurse. He was really cold – and is now in an incubator trying to warm up. We plan to put the baby in the baby orphanage. So terribly sad.

The surgery and medical teams are very busy. I am emailing updates to our webmaster and he will be posting that on the main mission website. I think it’s easier for everyone to stay updated from the main website. So if you want to know what kinds of patients they’re seeing and what the mission is doing – please check the mission website frequently-

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  1. Hi Jody,

    Our hearts are with you & we also shake within our bodies as we pray for you & Haiti. I can’t fully understand how God caused such love that was planted in me the first time I landed there. My thoughts & prayers, even in times when there isn’t bad news, are often about that precious place. Like the song says that I am hearing right now, when we need help, we just need to: “Reach Out To Jesus.” He will be there with us always. When you see your mom & dad, do pass on our best wishes. I haven’t seen them in a while, but just thank them for what they have done for so long there. Hardly a time goes by that when I see or speak to Shelley Isaacson, we don’t say or do something that involves the mission. So even though we are far from you, we are close in our hearts. God bless & strengthen you all.


  2. Dear Jody, I left a message on your cell phone earlier and will try this site, too.

    I am connected to Steve Lillpop’s group in Jacksonville, IL. I originally planned to be on the March 18 trip, but my son and daughter-in-law were due to have twins on April 1, and I backed out of the trip.
    Over Christmas, my daughter-in-law went in to premature labor and we lost the the twins. Much sadness, of course.
    But now I wonder if I can still join the March group.
    And my husband, Chuck, a general surgeon, is freeing up his schedule to come along, if there’s still space.
    I have talked with Mary Ludwigson and she is NOT going on the trip, but don’t know if she’s contacted you. So, I believe there is at least one spot available.
    Please let me know if we can still join the trip. I can best be reached by email.
    Keeping all of you close in prayer.

    Lynne Sheaff

    • I heard about you from Dr. Lillpop. We do have room. Just fill out an application online and submit a 500.00 deposit and I’ll purchase your plane tickets within the week. Let me know if you need anything else!

  3. HEy how’s it going? We are at a “help haiti” concert of REMEDY DRIVE. The money raised all goes to NWHCM. If u c Jeff will u ask him to call again I missed his call. Thanks. Kim

    • We are doing well. I just sent Jose over to see if he’s awake so he can call you! That’s awesome about the concert. That’s the one beautiful thing that’s come from all of this – Haiti is finally getting all the attention it deserves. People never knew where Haiti was and now they can’t stop thinking about the poor suffering here.

      • That is so true, I hate it took something like this but at least now people may pay attention and hopefully stay involved. I want to just say hey, do you know what it was like before and how many amazing people like you guys have been there all along, helping.
        Please tell Jose thanks for telling Jeff, he got to hear abit of the concert and crowd. We think there were almost 500 people and they were still getting $ when we left. You guys are always in our prayers!! Glad the girls had a b-day party, they are so cute. A pic of Andrew with them is his screen-saver.

  4. Rosie and Malaya, Your birthday photos looks like you had a good time. You both are getting so big and all your girls are so beautiful. Rosie I have your present so if I get to come in March I’ll give it to you. Keep being your sweet selves. Love ya,Laura

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