What The Mission Is Doing Right Now….

Today we had 22 surgical and medical personnel arrive safely at the mission. Tomorrow we will start dividing out roles and making plans for this week. Something you have to realize is that LaPointe and Port-de-Paix are basically the only functioning hospitals on this side of the coast. Most of the major hospitals around Port-au-Prince are gone. So we will basically be a 3rd hospital for our region. We’ve always seen patients and had clinics – but there is a difference in having clinics where patients go home everyday and setting up a full-time hospital. Only God knows how we can pull all of this off.

As I had written earlier – there are thousands of new faces that are in our village. The mayor came and talked to us a few days ago about how we could help him. We are working closely with him to help all the victims of this tragedy. Everything that the mayor is doing – we have our hand in it – helping to make it happen. Anyone who comes from Port-au-Prince to seek refuge here – they have been given money to cover the expense of their trip. If you don’t have a place to stay – the mayor is putting people in hotels or small one-room apartments. The mission is giving away bushels of corn that was donated from Larry Stipe and the boys from New Brunswick Christian Church. It’s our hope that we will be able to get our containers of rice and beans soon so we can provide more food.

Today I heard the tragic story of one of my friends who recently moved to Port-au-Prince. She told me –  Jody I was in Port-au-Prince. I was at the market when the earthquake happened. My two children were in school. I went to the school and the building had fallen on them. They were dead. I was staying with my brother. I ran to his house. The house had fallen on him. He was dead. I lost everyone. I just made it back to St. Louis today. I lost everyone. They’re all dead. Jody  – they’re all dead. I lost my babies. They’re all dead.

There is a story like this nearly every day here. Word is just now starting to get back to some families. The effects of this tragedy are far from being over. We ALL have a role. Whether it’s to come to Haiti and be the face of Jesus or collect supplies and raise awareness in the states – we all have a responsibility. We cannot see with our eyes and hear with our ears and now walk away. Haiti needs you not just now but for the many months and years to come.  While you need to pray for all of us here in Haiti – you also need to pray about the role God is going to have you play. Be open and start listening for His whispers. He has a plan to USE YOU and BLESS YOU. So keep your radar up for what He has in store for you.

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  1. Thank you, Jody. This is just what I wanted to hear. I’ve been to Haiti 3 times (2003, 2005, 2007), the first time when I was 16. It changed my life. I knew I wanted to be apart of NWHCM forever. I’ve been collecting clothes since the summer of 08 and have sent some uniforms and clothes and tennis shoes and basketballs with the help my company. I’ve been really upset since the quake happened and have been fretting that I can’t cOME there and help bc I am stuck in a year lease, and don’t have the money to buy out or even for the trip. I have been blogging and urging my readers (216 people ages 14-30) to donate. I also had clothes I was going to send at the end of the month before the quake happened and now I am pushing harder to raise clothes and food and medical supplies. I sent out an email on Tuesday to my corporate office asking if they’d forward the info from NWHCM site about supplies needed and collection centers. This email has made me realize I need to quit fretting and do everything in my power to collect MORE supplies and push HARDER to do so. I emailed my boss after I read this and asked if we could put a link on our site to donate and collect supplies and put the list of needs and collection centers from NWHCM site on ours. The company has already helped me ship the items out, and will continue to do so. Thank you for this blog. I am going to push way harder to collect supplies and urge people to get involved and STAY involved. Haiti needs COMMITTMENTS. I work for a transportation company and a customer told me they were sending two truckloads of water to Haiti next week, I am hoping they will allow me to use one of my trucks to haul it. Anyway, keep strong. I am praying for you all. And I will do my part.

    • Thank you for all your efforts. They will not be in vain. I can see that God is using you. You don’t have to be in Haiti to be used. Seems like you already know that. Thanks for all you do for our Haitian brothers and sisters!

  2. Jody,

    Hi I’m Courtney’s mom. I am planning in coming in September but I will come sooner if I can help in anyway.

    • hey I heard that the director of the Miriam Center (oh what is her name…) could use help… maybe you could get ahold of her, Jody might know who i am talking about….. 🙂

    • You know you want to come to Haiti and play with the not crazy… fun director of cute children 🙂

  3. Thank you for this info; I have prayed all during the day that the team would arrive safely. My amazing and wonderful sister, Diane, is with the team. She was so happy to be called to be part of this surgical/medical team; she has wanted to be in Haiti to help since she heard about the quake. Please tell her that we are all praying for Haiti, for NWHCM, and for her.

    • We love Diane. This is why she’s here – because we’ve seen her fruit and know she will do whatever she has to to help. She’s got amazing compassion and love and patience. She’s a blessing to all of us.

  4. Hi Jody, You are right–we cannot see and hear and do nothing. I am re-structuring my budget to donate what I can to your work there. I posted the link to your webpage on my blog and hope some who read it will donate money. I will watch your webpage and see what supplies you post that you need and see if one of our student organizations will collect some of those items. I am now praying that God will provide an opening in my schedule for me to come–I have other OTs that want to come whenever I go. With all the amputations and injuries, there will be much work for OTs to do for months and years ahead. May God bless you and sustain you and give you the strength you need. May He bring organization and order to the work that you are setting up to accomplish in the immediate future. Loving you and praying for you daily, Elaine

  5. I am relieved to know that the medical team made it safely. Diane is one of my dearest friends and I know that she is so greatful for the opportunity to come and provide whatever assistance that she can. May God bless you all and the work you are doing. Tell her that I will say a special prayer for her.

  6. Jody,
    It is good to hear everyone made it safe – give Diane a hug for me – I work with her here at Memorial. We are praying very hard for all there in Haiti. Thank you for keeping a current post. So many millions of dollars are being donated right now – we just worry about where the money will really be going. Having a direct connection helps. Please take care of yourself and get stronger (heard you were under the weather).
    God bless you all….

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