Haiti is NOT Alone….

I haven’t been able to sleep the last several nights. My mind just doesn’t shut down. Maybe because I use the night-time to process what has happened here. Two weeks ago I was busy buying plane tickets for groups to come to Haiti.  Jose was flying down to PAP to pick up groups and do a little shopping at Caribbean Market – getting treats for the family. The kids were talking about what Miss Beth had taught them in school. The employees were happy having just started a new year. The earthquake happened and everything changed. Haiti changed.

The women were having a prayer meeting at the church when it started to shake. They told me they thought it was God. They were praying for God’s love and power to be shown in Haiti and the building shook. They were clapping their hands, singing loudly, and  praising God – believing it was all a sign. It wasn’t until one of the Americans yelled for them to get out of the church that they realized it was an earthquake.

But maybe it was a sign? The reports you hear on CNN – they don’t talk about voodoo. They talk about the faith of the people. Janeil preached at church that what this earthquake has done is shown the world that Haiti is a Christian nation – and not a voodoo nation. Haiti has taught everyone how to love, how to give, how to sing, how to pray –  how to live a life that is pleasing to God. Do you not see them singing and praising God in the midst of rubble? Have we not all gained insight on how we should live by watching them during this tragedy?

A place that most people never heard of – a place that was never given any attention to – it’s now keeping people up at night. Our eyes and our ears are so sensitive now to the needs here. Our hearts are all drawn to the thousands of new orphans. We feel compelled to do something. We’ve never had so many trip applications and emails come into the mission before. Aid is being given to this country like never before. God’s glory is being shown on TV, in newspapers, and in the media –  by people who lost everything. Maybe the women were right….maybe it was a sign from God when the church began to shake. Maybe He is showing everyone His power and His love……and we just have a hard time seeing it…..rightfully so.

I saw this video and found encouragement. Haiti is not alone……God in His magnificent beauty is here. These are HIS sons and daughters. We will never understand – but He writes the pages and His ways will always be better than our own.

I realize that this video is for another mission. But that’s the thing here….we’re all working for ONE God. We all have that in common. I have watched several videos from other organizations, read on facebook what other missions are doing, and am so proud of what Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is doing to help all these refugees.  I find peace in knowing that all over the world people are coming together with ONE VOICE and we’re showing the people of Haiti that THEY ARE NOT ALONE.

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