There is a part of me
That’s only visiting
Torn from eternity
A stranger here

The awkward mingling of
The loveless and beloved
So far from things above
While I am here

So when the last notes of my soul’s summer symphony
Go stealing through this old world’s cold garden gates
I will hold no fear as You close my book of hours
And the hands of heaven carry me
Carry me home to stay

O Death where is your sting
Your tears and your tremblings
His peace is lingering
Even now

O Grave the battle’s fought (no graver battles fought)
Your vict’ry has been lost
To Christ who gave it all
To take me now

(Love, love, love, love)

By Shaun Groves

Magdala and I were just talking about how the gates of Heaven must have been over-run when the earth shook. I picture Jesus standing at the gates – arms wide open – welcoming all the children – giving them a Hi-5 – and placing them on His lap. I picture the embrace of the adults and their smiles when they see so many of their family who have gone before them.

Long before the quake – death was not a stranger here. Most have family that have died from starvation or disease. The reunion in Heaven that day would have been such an amazing moment of pure beauty. Nearly all would have family/friends there to greet them. I can imagine what that reunion looks like – I’ve been given a glimpse just in watching the workers here. When their PAP family shows up at the compound gates –  they scream, they hug, they cry, and they jump up and down with joy.

As the death count rises well over 170,000 people….I hold that beautiful reunion in my mind – and it gives me peace.

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