I was upstairs in the group eating area with Melonnie when the truck came through the gates. I ran down the steps and so happily hugged my husband. After sharing some tears together the girls joined in right behind me. Our family was together. How many others could say that after the quake?

Malaya had to tell him all about the quake and how the bed moved – how he had “missed” all the excitement. The girls were telling him all about the people who had died and how so many people were crying. I believe I shared this on facebook but I never did write it down on the blog.  Most parents watch their children playing school or doctor. I watch mine play Earthquake.

Mikela: Okay. Your house fell down on you. It’s shaking. It’s shaking.
Rosie: Help me! Help Me. My house fell on me.
Malaya: My house fell too. I don’t see my baby.
Mikela: Sorry Rosie. I can’t help you. You’re dead. Malaya – I will try to dig you out. I cant save your baby-sorry.

We had another lady come to my house. She had lost her sister and was crying on the couch. My mom was here listening to her story. Mikela told her not to cry. Then she told my mom – – Tell her Nana – Tell her about the thing in Heaven…where they feel better and they dont hurt and they get to sing and play all day. (Then before my mom could speak – Mikela started speaking it in creole and wiping away her tears).

The girls had to tell their daddy all about it.
– – – – – – – – – –
Melissa and Maureen got off the truck tonight and looked like they had been through some pretty rough days too. I can only imagine the patients that they’ve seen. Please pray for them and for their hearts. We watch things on the TV and we look at pictures – but it’s not the same thing as being on the front-lines and experiencing it in person.

I talked with Magdala and Roselande tonight. The Haitian radio is playing a phone call from some Haitians that are still buried under the rubble but are alive. Roselande is telling me  –  “I heard her voice on the phone.  She told everyone exactly where she is and people are there now trying to dig them out”. I never know when you hear those things on the radio – whether you can believe it or not but so many Haitians are holding out hope that there are still hundreds alive that need to be rescued.

The next few days we are focusing our efforts on how to best help the victims of the quake that are making their way north. Our focus can’t simply be on those that are injured. We have to address the needs of those that are healthy too. Many of our Haitian employees were barely making it before and now they’re adding their extended families.  How can they take care of so many? Their burdens have tripled.

In all that we do we want to remain faithful to His calling and direction. So please pray for the leadership of the mission as they try to make the right decisions. Pray that logistics that sometimes seem so hard to coordinate will line-up as needed. Please pray that we can get the right people and the right supplies all here at the right time. We need all 3 things to line-up just perfect.

9 responses to “Jose Is Home….”

  1. Praying it will! If anyone can pull it off, you can — you’re the best organiational person I know! Thinking of you! Wish I could do something besides pray, but that’s all I know to do right now! Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you or the mission!

  2. Rejoicing for the reunion that you all had today. May God comfort all that has been seen and heard. Praying for you all and all of Haiti,Laura

  3. Praise Jesus our Lord and Savior for keeping your family safe. May He give you the strength you need to keep the faith, keep a sound mind and strong will to help those around you!! Go in peace and trust God always!!
    Lance – from Tulsa, OK

  4. tell manda and ms v i love them and every everyone is praying for their return home safety. i know ms v is taking care of manda like she was her own. email or call me whenever possible. i am sending money to help with the mission

  5. Jody Beth,
    While I have not been to Haiti for 5 years when my son Trace (age 11 at that time) and I travelled there for 10 days, please know that my heart will always be there with you all. My family is praying for you and the people of Haiti. I am also rallying my educational colleagues, personal and church family to do what they can to help.
    While my heart breaks, I feel that God has a mighty plan for you and the people of Haiti and I praise him for that even as I write to you.
    So glad to hear that Jose has made it home safely, please let me know if there is more than I can do to help from Cincinnati area. I can’t help but think of the people you and your mission have brought to God and what a blessing that has been to them over time and especially now.
    Love you.
    Beth, Don and Trace Fish

  6. Jody — Praise God that Jose is back safely with you and your family. We will keep praying for all of you and those left there from our group. I love you all. God bless you. Pat

  7. We are so thankful that you are safe . we watch every day for hours to see the updates . stories of rescue. We pray aide gets to the areas quickly and that it is enough. to give them a small amount of help to get through one more day. the airport is full of releif and physical help that they need to move . I know you know this i want you to know it is coming hold on. we are praying continually for haiti. i wish there was more i could do. i am so thankful that you are all safe.i love you and am praying please keep putting updates on here so we know personnaly that you are ok. God bless you tammy wrenn lancaster ky

  8. Dear Jody, I am praying for strength for your whole family and for the mission. Through it all may the children stay the children they are. God will give them strength and peace to deal with things young children shouldn’t have to deal with. I will be praying for them. Autumn is busy trying to raise both money and needed supplies to send. Please let us know anything in particular that we can do. God Bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand. Marty Marshall

  9. Every day I come to your website to get some news of NWHCM–the people and the work. The story about your children playing “Earthquake” is precious. I am praying for your strength and wisdom for the days, weeks and months ahead. Praising the Lord with you that Jose is home and your family is together.

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