Great Day to Feed 52 Hungry Families…

This morning we loaded up on the truck and headed to the depot to sort out our supplies. Diane Cornelius’s group brought in several tubs worth of supplies and we still had some supplies left over from Go Ministries. I have to tell you something about our Port-au-Prince Employees – – they work so hard. They had sweat dripping off of them today as they were lugging around 100lb bags of rice.  I offered to pay them for working with me all day  in the depot and they said that when we work for the tent city – we are working for God. It made me a little teary-eyed. They all have families who have nothing. They all sleep in their own tent zones – yet they believe in the work we are doing and believe that those we are helping are still worse off then themselves. It’s like saying that my tent has a zipper and yours is ripped – so give it to the guy with the ripped tent!! YOU BOTH SLEEP IN TENTS!!! But that’s the kind of love the guys have for their people. I’m so blown away by it.


I can no longer call “the boy in the red shirt” by the clothes he wears! Yesterday I found him with just his underwear on and I don’t want to refer to him as “the boy in the tighty-whities”! LOL! Little Juvenson who also goes by JOE-SAY (almost like Jose) hung out with me all day yesterday and all day today. He is a funny little booger. Today while we were handing out supplies – we also gave tap tap money for them to go back home. He held his little hand out waiting for his tap tap money. When we told him – “no” – he said, “You want me to walk back by myself?” LOL! Funny kid.

Here are a few pictures from today’s give-away. We gave out peanut butter, rice, color books/crayons, baby formula, pink crocs, shampoo, soap, cooking oil, and toothpaste/toothbrushes. We fixed all the bags up before they got there so all we had to do was hand them a black bag and then the 100lb sacks of rice. We would have had more pictures but Jose held the camera and forgot he was actually supposed to use it!! LOL!

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  1. Exciting. I Just read about the first VBS in Mole and this. I am so looking forward to being in Haiti next week. Our group will be flying in on Monday.
    God Bless the work you do there.

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