Month: March 2010

He Has Not Abandoned You…

I have to tell you after experiencing the last 4 days in PAP – I wasn’t sure if I had made a mistake. There was a moment during our trip where I wanted to just shake the people and yell – – I’m trying to be Jesus – […]

Satan, Ou Pedi Batay

I knew when we started this journey of helping this tent city that it wouldn’t be easy. If it were – everybody would be doing it. The little boy in the red shirt led me to a zone right in the heart of Port-au-Prince. Across from the palace […]

His Tent City…..

Today I received the names and household sizes of the 50 families in the tent zone by the palace. These families are made up of many varieties. You have some with just one parent and several children. You have some with an older brother taking care of his […]

Sing To The King….

Yesterday I got a phone call from the leader of our tent city. With a shaky voice he asked me – did I “remember” him? Of course I remember you. I just saw you a few days ago! He sounded relieved. The insecurities that these people must feel […]

Amid The Rubble….

Jose and I decided to go to Port-au-Prince today. There was a group leaving and we had to charter a plane. After dropping off the group – Jose took me around to some of the places he had been. Watching his body language – I could tell there […]

Give Me Your Eyes……

Yesterday I was sitting in my office and I noticed Momma Gigi hanging outside my door. I asked her what was on her mind and invited her to sit down. I could see that she felt uncomfortable and she looked embarrassed to even talk. She sat there for […]

Your Legacy…..

Last night at devotions we had open-mic for anyone to share anything on their heart. A lady came forward and talked about her husband. He was this amazing and prestigious doctor at one of the universities in the states. He did a lot of research and was very […]