Nothing Like A Little Bonfire On The Beach…

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to spend our first week in the Mole with. They were amazing!! We had another great VBS today! I really forgot how much I love working with the teams and the children.  We had a wonderful debriefing tonight. We decided to do a picnic on the beach and talk about our trip. We made  a little bonfire. The only thing missing was the S’mores and hotdogs!

Hearing the Americans talk about their experience here – it brought tears to my eyes. I love seeing Haiti through the eyes of first-time trippers.  It was such a great night of fellowship. We ended tonight with the group  circling around us (plus Grant and Natasha). They laid hands on us and prayed. It was very moving and humbling. Tomorrow we head back to St. Louis for a few days. We have talked to the kids everyday and they keep asking for us to pick them up! They’re ready to move to their new home and their new home is definitely ready for them!

I feel so encouraged tonight and ready to fight the battles that satan throws our way!

Here are a “few” pictures from this week. We forgot our camera so these were taken on our phone!

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