I KNOW He Cares For Me…

Today was spent mostly in the ER with Asher and Levi. Asher started getting sick on Friday. By Sunday he was weak and lethargic. So this morning I decided to take him to the ER because he couldn’t keep anything “in”. As I was loading him up – Momma Gigi came out with Levi. While I was with Asher all night – she was up with Levi.

The boys were diagnosed with the Rotavirus! Ugh. Very contagious and a miserable virus to have. There’s not much you can do besides treat the nausea and give IV’s. Nothing you can do for the diarrhea. This is a virus that kills about 2 million children a year. Mostly in under developed countries – like Haiti.

I found myself in tears this morning while we waited in the ER. My dad had given me this book called “In The Heart of The World” – by Mother Teresa. Once the babies had settled down – I opened it and read this story:

A Beautiful Example of Love

A man came to our house and said, “My only child is dying! The doctor has prescribed a medicine that you can only get in England.”

We have permission from our government to store life-saving medicines that are gathered from all over the country. We have many people who go from house to house to gather leftover medicines. And they bring them to us and we give them to our poor people.

While we were talking, a man came in with a basket of medicines. I looked at that basket: right on the top was the very medicine that the man needed for his dying child! If it had been underneath, I wouldn’t have seen it. If he had come earlier or later, I would not have remembered. He came just in time.

As I stood in front of that basket I thought, “There are millions of children in the world, and God is concerned with that little child in Calcutta. To send that man at that very moment! To put that medicine right on the top, so I could see it!”

See God’s tender concern for you and for me! He would do the same thing for each of you.


Amazing that I read that story – at the very moment I’m in the ER (and not in Haiti)- where I saw first hand –  that God cares about two little babies named Asher and Levi.

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