A Note From My Momma…

Holy Spirit thou are present in this place! I can feel your overwhelming power! I am back home in Port de Paix after experiencing one of the most God breathed women’s conferences I have ever experienced including the ones in the United States. Two forces came together one morning when Pastor Jean Claude was speaking and a teenager who was demon possessed tried to over-power the preacher.

What do you do when you come in contact with such force? You pray. Three hundred women began to pray as Pastor Jean Claude repeated, “Demon come out”! For some of you who do not believe in evil spirits – this day you would have changed your mind. That evening in the worship service – the young girl began to sing about Jesus! Only God! Only the Holy Spirit!

I so enjoyed sharing with the women. It felt so good inside to tell them what the Lord had done for me. Eighteen women came forward during the conference and we took them to the ocean to baptize them! I tell you – I had a flash back to the first trip in Haiti! Larry preached at this little old church on the beach and people came forward. We went outside to baptize them in the ocean just like Pastor Jean Claude was doing.

Then tears rolled down my cheek as I saw Jody Beth greeting each one in their wet clothes and kissing them. I did that very thing some thirty years ago on my first trip. I was reliving it all over again. The baby I had carried in me the first trip I made to Haiti, I was now seeing that beautiful baby welcoming those women to Christ.

I see God’s hand working in a mighty way in the Mole. A new beginning to lead others to Christ in a new village is SO EXCITING! I feel so privileged that God allowed me to serve Him in the Mole.

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