The first time I met Malonea she was standing at the foot of our steps in June. She had her dress pulled up over her head and she was trying to tell me she was hungry. Malonia is very special – and I knew right away I wanted to help her.

So Malonea helps sweep the group center or wash dishes – small odd jobs. She doesn’t want any money – she just asks for food to take home to her two children who are 5 and 3 years old.

Malonea started going with us every day to the conference. I have to tell you how amazing she is. The first day I gave up my seat and pointed to a lady to come and take it. Within 2 minutes – Malonea gave up her seat – pointed to a lady to take it and stood with me by the wall.

The next night I was sitting at the conference and saw a cute little baby. So I went and got her and put her on my lap. Within a few minutes – Malonea had a little baby sitting on her lap!

Imagine my surprise when Malonea decided to sing on Tuesday night. Everyone in town knows her and so the crowd went wild when she took the mic! Let me tell you – that girl knows how to sing!! But do you know what she was singing?

She was singing –  Even though here on earth my mind is not like yours – when Jesus comes I will be normal. When Jesus comes I can think like you do! (Brought tears to my eyes and everyone else’s).

Somewhere along the way this week – Malonea who doesn’t know how old she is (but I know she’s older than me) – has become like a daughter to me. She waits for me to come down the steps every morning and if we take off in the gator to go somewhere – there she is – riding in the back.

We had a bonfire last night and there was Malonea – joining in with all the Americans. My shoes were sandy and the next thing I know Malonea is washing them for me.

Malonea had been to every session at the conference. When Diane asked the ladies if they wanted to make a promise to worship Jesus only – Malonea made that promise and sealed it with a ring.

She told me she wanted to accept Christ. I wanted to make sure she understood what she was doing. So Pastor Jean Claude met with her for over an hour. She was baptized Wednesday!

Today I went and visited her house and met her children. The father of Malonea’s two children died two years ago. He was only 4 feet tall. Her 5-year-old has his same features.  They told me he had seizures and maggots ate his body alive – right in front of them. I cannot even imagine.

Her children were naked and dirty. She was embarrassed and gave them a bath while we were there. Her children have few clothes and they sleep on concrete – there is no mattress. You can see a tint of red in her daughter’s hair.

Before we came here the children were extremely malnourished. But we send her home with food every day and you can see the fruit of those meals.

Everyone makes fun of her but it doesn’t seem to phase her.

On our way back to the mission today someone yelled out to Malonea and asked – HOW IS IT YOU ARE RIDING WITH THOSE AMERICANS?

Malonea’s response – – ONLY BY THE GRACE OF GOD!

This is just a little video of her singing, bathing her kids, and a look into her one-room home.

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  1. WOW! This brought tears to my eyes. What a BIG AMAZING God we serve. If it was only for Malonea’s life that you moved out to the mole it would be so worth it but I know God has touched hundreds more lives already. Thank you Castillo family and Beth for being willing to listen, hear, and follow God’s calling as hard as that was. What a blessing you all are and what vessels of God’s love! Keep filling yourselves up with God’s strength and serving wholeheartedly! I am praying for you all!

  2. I sat near her at the beach and bonfire that night and now to read this incrediable story! Our God is at work in the Mole!!

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