Tree Trimmings…

Now some of you may think it’s way too early to decorate a tree!! Well you haven’t met an Owen then! If we were in Haiti, we would have had the entire courtyard decorated before Halloween!

My family LOVES Christmas! When we were little, dad would take all of us kids to the “country” and we would chop down about 20 trees to make a winter wonderland in our yard! Often – the people never knew we cut down their trees! 🙂

Come Thanksgiving – you saw the entire yard ablaze with lights! My parents have about 50 small bushes – each had two strands of lights on them  and each bush was in a different color. They looked like little gumdrops!  We had a Santa train, helicopter, and  gingerbread men sliding down a slide and swinging on a swing! We had a light-up village with a church! Lights in trees that were 20 feet tall!  And most importantly –  a life-size nativity scene!

You thought the Griswold’s had a ton of lights (Christmas Vacation Movie)! That was nothing! 🙂 When we lived in Calhoun, Ky – we had a house on main street. We actually plugged our Christmas lights into the street lamps!

So when I say I LOVE Christmas!! You have no idea how far those roots go back!!

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