First Boat Delivered to Ka Pa Fu…

I am so HAPPY to report that Saturday we delivered a boat to the fishing village! This village was struck by tragedy when they lost all their boats and fishing equipment from Hurricane Tomas. While their homes survived with minor damage –  their livelihood was washed to sea.

For several weeks we’ve been checking on them – crying with them. We knew they were hungry – especially now that they can’t fish. We tried to get Feed My Starving Children Food from St. Louis du Nord but we’re 6 hours away, the rivers were impassable, and parts of the road were completely washed out. I felt like this precious little village was suffering right in front of us and there was absolutely nothing we could do.

The boat has been ready to sail since last Tuesday but the waves were too rough. Despite our best effort it wasn’t until Saturday that we were finally able to deliver it to their village!  We are starting to build a second boat right now.

This is Jocelyn’s Report:

I left at 5:00 AM. There were only 5 people there. There were two young men and three ladies. I thought that was very strange. I asked where everyone was but they were out searching for food.  So I waited for  the village leader (Kenken) to show up. I told him that we wanted to give him this boat in the name of the Haitians from the Mission’s Mole Church. He cried. Those around him cry too. They were very grateful. They kept praising God for hearing their prayers.

They were already loading the boat to go out and fish before I walked back. These are the pictures I took. I hope they’re okay.

Pictured Below – This young man’s papa lost his boat from the hurricane. He said his father is too old to fish but everyday the two of them would go out together. His papa had his boat for over 10 years. He cried and cried when he lost it. He wasn’t at the village that day because he was out searching for work so he could feed the family. I can only imagine how excited he was when he saw it later! To God Be ALL The Glory!

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  1. What great things you accomplish with God’s help…what does it cost to supply one of these boats? In a practical sense..this is the way I think; could their boats be pulled high on shore and with trailer (mobile home) screw in anchors at 4 points and lashed down across and “X” shaped to secure them to land? Just an idea…for future hurricanes…Love you all..Hope you all enjoyed and I know you did while in KY. Tom Miller, Calvary Christian Church, Swartz Creek, MI

    • The boats are 800.00 and includes the nets and spears. I didn’t think about future hurricanes but you’re right – we need to secure the boats so they don’ t lose them too. They could probably have the men in their village carry the boat on shore but securing it is a whole other thing. Great idea.

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