Silent Night…..Yeah Right!

Every year our family does a Christmas picture for our Christmas cards. As you can imagine – it’s quite the production with 7 kids! This year was NO exception!

We had everyone over for Thanksgiving Dinner. It was truly an honor to have my brother, sister, parents, Magdala, Jacques, and Momma Gigi at my table! It practically took ALL of us in order to pull off this year’s picture afterwards!

Everyone says Jose and I are never in the photos! So this year we decided to do a Nativity Scene picture! In our house  – the tree and manger are never far apart! So we combined our two favorite things for this year’s pic.

Now I want you to know that we laughed until we cried tonight trying to get this done!

The “sheep” wanted nothing to do with the picture. It didn’t help that the costumes were too small.

One of our Wisemen – Gigi – was having NOTHING to do with her hat!

Seriously….the sheep wanted nothing to do with the picture!

And One Nearly Got Away….

Gabriel decided to break out in prayer…hoping the madness would stop!

Our poor little Angel – Malaya – had her arms sticking straight out for about 10 minutes!! For a moment we thought she was really flying!

But as you can see on her face – she was tired of holding up her arms!

I am looking through all these pictures and I can’t help but LAUGH OUT LOUD!! It’s absolutely a circus! If you could just see the filmstrip – all 30 pictures back to back – you’d die laughing too!

So be looking for our Christmas Card this year! If you don’t normally get one that’s because you never give us any money!! LOL!!

2 responses to “Silent Night…..Yeah Right!”

  1. Okay this is too funny! I love reading your posts. Especially those about your family. You’re such a talented writer.

    So if I send you 20.00 do I get a Christmas Card? LOL!

  2. So sweet! So you’re actually in the photo this year? I might just have to send you some money so I can finally put your picture on my fridge!

    Love you guys! I have so enjoyed following your ministry in the Mole.

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