Magdala’s Photos Part 2!

These are pictures from Magdala’s camera over the last week! Her first time to the states – I love to see the USA through her eyes!

She almost cried when she went to Cracker Barrel! She said this looks just like the porch of the Granmoun home! I told her that’s where we got the idea from!

Gail McMonigle took Magdala for a few days this week! She loved visiting Ohio and going to the zoo! On Monday she’ll be headed to St. Louis to spend time with Dr. Lillpop’s team. She’s quite the little traveler!

Would you believe that Magdala, Jacques, and Jose were up at midnight at Walmart for Black Friday? Talk about your adventure! Jacques and Magdala wanted a laptop that was on sale. So they were there from Midnight until 5am! She told me the lines there were worse than any line she’s seen in a Haitian clinic!!

2 responses to “Magdala’s Photos Part 2!”

  1. How long is Jacques here and where is he staying? I guess he will be heading to stay with Ron and Mary Jane Stewart at some point right? I told him I would try to see him while he’s here. It’s so great to see my haitian friends in the states when I’m missing haiti so much. Thanks for sharing these pictures it’s neat.

    • he leaves tomorrow for Fort Lauderdale. His email address is if you want to email him and find out if he’s coming back north. When I talked to him I didn’t think he was coming back this way but not sure.

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