Tender Moment With Santa Claus…

A few days ago we had the pleasure of visiting with Mr. Santa Claus himself. His wife helped place all of us around the couch! The twins would NOT go to Santa  – so Jose and I had to step into the picture. (And you know I don’t do pictures!) Mrs. Claus asked me about the make-up of our family (which most people wonder about)! Malaya said – You’re supposed to already know that!

There wasn’t much of a line behind us and so we chatted quite a while! Mrs. Claus was in tears and Santa asked if he could pray with us! Santa told me that Gigi was precious and that there’s a special place in Heaven for sweet little girls like that! It was rather a tender moment. Left me in tears.

When we went to pay for our picture – it was free! The girls couldn’t wait to tell their Mamita that Santa prayed with them!




3 responses to “Tender Moment With Santa Claus…”

  1. I hear people say I don’t believe in Santa..In this post I believe here is proof that Santa believes in Jesus.. Thanks for sharing..A beautiful family I am so glad we are part of your ministry…

  2. This is so precious. Thank you for sharing it with us. I sent this on to some of Rosie’s other sponsors. Give our Rosie a hug from all of us and blessing for all the children.
    God Bless your family this holy season.

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