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Two More Boats For Ka Pa Fu…

I’m so excited that we have another two boats ready to set sail this week to our poor little fishing village! This village lost 5 boats (all they had) from Hurricane Tomas. When all 5 boats were functioning they each fed 100 people daily. They have been trying to feed 500 people off of one boat right now. Not an easy task. We had a horrible time trying to get these two boats finished. In an ideal world they would have been delivered over 2 weeks ago BUT getting things done in Haiti are NEVER easy.

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The Girls Go To NYC…

Jose and I had been planning for a few months to do something special with Mikela, Rosie, and Malaya. The boys tend to monopolize our time so we really wanted to just do something with them. They love the movie Mary Poppins! We were given front row tickets to the Broadway show! So we decided to stay the night at Times Square! The girls had SO MUCH fun! It was a great little bonding experience for all of us. Here are some pictures!

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Gigi Turns 10 Years Old…

We met Gigi when she was 2 years old and 7lbs. I remember the first time we brought her to the states for medical treatment – we never thought she’d see her 3rd birthday. She’s so big now. She’s come so far from that little girl who used to hit her head non-stop (her way of stimulating herself). WE LOVE YOU GIGI!