Month: January 2011


by Lillian Baker Wolff The football season is about over with the matchup of the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers in the grand finale–the Super Bowl.  What an exciting time.  Every team started out with hopes and aspirations of being there, but it is now narrowed down to two and who will […]

Voodoo In The Mole…

I have to say – when we first moved here we rarely heard the voodoo drums beat at night. Shortly after our arrival – and after we started having groups come and serve here – their presence became more evident. There was a large voodoo service that went […]

Dude, I Think I’m Going To Spew!

We are studying Proverbs here in the Mole!  I’m all about acquiring me some knowledge! But I’m learning wisdom doesn’t come from just knowing something. I can read the entire Bible and it doesn’t make me anymore a prophet than reading a recipe makes me a cook! A good cook […]

Finger Lickin’ Good…

Today Jose, Bena, Pierre, the Pastor, Momma Gigi, and Gabriel went to Marouge to pick up 60 chickens and 10 roosters for our Chicken Ministry!! The pastor at our Marouge Church has been so instrumental in helping us secure the animals. It’s often hard to go to market […]

Remembering Haiti A Year Ago….

I dug through my past blogs from January 2010. Reading through them I found myself in tears. I remember that feeling of not knowing if Jose was okay in Port-au-Prince. I remember grieving with my nanny who was told her husband and children perished. I remember the constant […]

Prayers for Janide…

Since we got here in December –  we’ve been praying for Janide. She’s a member of our Dorcus group. For the longest time I thought she was pregnant. Come to find out – it’s a fibroid. I felt a little like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman today. I had […]

New Year…New Slate…

I feel like there hasn’t been a moment to really sit and write since we got here! But God has placed this on my heart to share since Monday. In Haiti (really anywhere) – it’s always the little things that keep people from talking. When I arrived in […]