New Year’s Eve Celebration In The Mole…

Last night was SO MUCH FUN! The church was very colorful! We sang, prayed, and had many testimonies throughout the night. I shared about my time in the states, Asher’s illness, and how God specializes in the impossible. Even though 2010 was a horrible year for Haiti – we don’t have to be afraid of next year – He’s already there.

I had brought in hats and blow horns to pass out right before midnight! Wow did it get loud really quickly!

It was the first time the Mole saw fireworks! It’s so neat to see things through their eyes. When the first one went off people got really  nervous. The noise frightened them. After about 4 of them they thought the show was over! They started clapping and we had to tell them – it’s not finished yet! LOL!

Gabriel was totally cracking me up! There were several little boys trying to hang out with him at the party. One of them asked him for $1.00. He told them – “You just need to be quiet and pray about it”!  Too funny!

After the fireworks  – we served goat, rice, beans, and a few vegetables. There was no fighting or pushing! Everyone went to bed with a full tummy. The night could not have gone better.

The ladies worked tirelessly all yesterday preparing soup for thousands of people to enjoy today! I will be posting pictures soon of today’s events on the Mole Haiti Blog. Please check it out! You won’t want to miss hearing about how we totally surprised Ka Pa Fu and Karanage this morning!

Below are pictures from last night! Enjoy!

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