We Are Home! Yeah!

We got home a few hours ago! Thanks everyone for your prayers! The kids were really good traveling. It’s exhausting even on a great day – but no complaints! 😀

Malaya and Rosie were pretty funny! They were teaching people on the Chicago flight Creole. I’m listening to Rosie say – Do you know how to say Rosie in Creole? It’s Rosie. Do you know how to say Gabriel in Creole? It’s Gabriel! They’re said the exact same way! The people around us were laughing. They’re quite the little talkers. I think they made 5 friends on every flight!

We arrived in Haiti and EVERYONE IN TOWN is excited about the New Years Eve Party and the Soup Feast on Saturday! I already gave them the decorations so they can start decorating the church tonight! Mme Selony has all the ingredients for feeding thousands of people pumpkin soup!

The only thing I’m sad about is the fireworks aren’t here 🙁 We’re still hoping we can get them by tomorrow. They’re lost somewhere in St. Louis.

I’m beat but wanted to let everyone know we made it here safely! Will be taking LOTS of pictures over the next two days!

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