Magdala’s Visit To Savannah…

Magdala has had an eventful and busy trip to southeast Georgia. On Wednesday I picked her up in Jacksonville and we drove the 2 hours to Savannah where we had dinner with David and Diana Lotz. Magdala had lost her BP meds somewhere before getting to Savannah, so I managed to get a prescription for her before we made it to my house in Bullock County. With meds in hand we descended upon my husband, daughter, 5 cats and one dog. Magdala was remarkably tolerant of my menagerie and did her best to make friends with my crazy dog.. but Sweetpea is a troublesome creature and remained aloof.

Thursday was spent running around Memorial with me as I jumped from the NICU to my office and everywhere in between. She was intrigued by the tiny babies in our unit and all of the machines we use to take care of them. My friends were all thrilled to meet someone from my second home. Sorry, no pictures from there, HIPPA and hospital rules kept me from documenting the event. After work, we went to praise and worship practice and Magdala sang with our team. She seemed a little hesitant at first, but warmed up to the challenge.

Friday I had a STABLE class to teach and she attended. Jean Humphries came by to take her to lunch and gave her a tour of the adult critical care units before leaving her back in my classroom to help me finish the day. My class amazingly enough had one student who had been to NWHCM and remembered Magdala. Small world.

After class, we went back home and collapsed. Our plan was to get up Saturday and spend the day in Savannah. I had many places I wanted her to see, but alas the rain came and we elected to stay home. The rain brought the cold so we stayed by the fire, took naps and watched Slumdog Millionaire on cable. We had rice and beans for dinner along with our BBQ pork and went to bed.

Sunday was a glorious day. Cold, but sunny. Magdala sang beautifully in our church service and was much appreciated by everyone. It was very special. The heat in our sanctuary was not working properly and we almost froze, but my heart was warm hearing her beautiful voice lifted in praise to our Lord. After a quick lunch we made our way back to Savannah. My sister is a tour guide and gave us a private driving tour, stopping at various locations to let us take pictures. It was a beautiful day in my beautiful city. I enjoyed it and I think Magdala did too. We ate dinner at my sister’s house prepared with love by our friend Dorinda. Now we are back at my home and relaxing before bedtime.

It has been a wonderful visit and I am going to miss my Magdala. Attached are some pictures of her visit.
Diane Youmans

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  1. Diane,
    What a wonderful recap of Magdala’s visit ! We all were thrilled to meet her for we’ve heard so much about her from your visits to Haiti! Thank you for sharing Magdala with us.
    Love in Christ,

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