Time To Head Home…

What a truly amazing Christmas! We have had so much fun! My parents took all the kids to look at Christmas lights on the 24th! Santa came while they were gone! The kids came running through the front door! It was so exciting!

We have been a little apprehensive about going back to Haiti so soon after Asher’s hospitalization – but he’s doing so much better! Plus we know the people in the Mole are counting on us. We’ve got a huge New Years Celebration to host and I want to be there to serve the soup and pray with the people!

Please be praying for us as we prepare to head back! We’ve got a lot to do as soon as we arrive in Haiti. Besides the major New Years Celebration – we’ll be delivering 50 chickens and other various animals to Ka Pa Fu.We’ll be starting construction back on the main campus. We’ll be scouting surrounding villages – finding more areas that we can do outreach with. We’ll also be hosting 3 teams this January!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally stressed thinking about all that needs to be done when we arrive! Or packing 16 bags in the next 3 days!  Or traveling with 7 kids during the busiest time of the year! I’m glad I don’t have to do it all alone!!

Here are some pictures from the 24th! Merry Christmas Y’all! 🙂


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