Jose and I have REALLY missed our kids this week. So we headed to Haiti a day earlier than we had planned! There are no scheduled flights to the Mole. We were planning to fly to Port-de-Paix and then take the 5-hour drive here. Only we heard the rivers were impassable and if we flew to Port-de-Paix we would be stuck.

Jose decided to call MAF to see if they could charter a flight. (Now we have called them every day to see if there were any openings this week and they always said their schedule was full). Jose called yesterday and they had a flight already HEADING TO THE MOLE this morning! That NEVER happens!

So not only did we get to fly to the Mole and avoid the truck ride out here – we hitched a ride with someone else and didn’t have to pay for it!! This also happened for us when we flew out for this medical emergency. There was a plane already in the area and they picked us up within 24 hours of calling them.

Folks – that’s not a coincidence – that’s a BIG GOD!

A teary-eyed staff greeted me at the house when we pulled up! Beth had been updating them daily about my situation in the hospital and they were visibly shaken. Momma Gigi and Tizzie just hugged me and cried. Mme Selony, Malonea, and Mme Nene could barely even look at me. We just had this little emotional break-down together.

It was truly an honor to hear about all the special prayer services that went on in the Mole this weekend on my behalf. Elijah was telling me about the prayer service on the construction site and Tizzie told me about the 4am prayer services at the church.

Perhaps the most touching came from Mr. Nene. On Friday night he had a dream about me. He said that he saw me in a bed with a tube in my nose. Above me was an Army of Angels. He and another Pastor joined the angels and were fighting off these spirits that were trying to harm me. No weapon formed against me could prosper because the Army of Angels had me covered!

As I continue to reflect this week – God is ALWAYS 2 steps ahead of me. It might be a bumpy road – but His feet are steady. In my darkest hour – on the darkest path – He never gets lost!  His Army of Angels have me covered!

If you want to know how big your God is – take a look at your worry list! The longer the list – the smaller your God! I don’t know about you but my God grows bigger by the day!

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  1. I know what you mean about your “Army of Angels.” I, too, had that happen last summer when I suddenly became critically ill in Kentucky when we went there on a run to take mission goods for Haiti to Frankfort. Instead of going there, I was put into the Georgetown hospital for a week to be operated on for a gangrenous gall bladder. I had a bad time the first couple of days, but the help there was the best I could have gotten & I felt so blessed to be in their care. I knew many were praying for me to get better.

    My prayer for you, Jodi, is to get better & stay healthy. God bless you & keep you always.

    P.S. We just returned a few days ago from a trip to the new mission site in Indiana & were greatly impressed & treated so great while there.

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