Family Day Out – Horseback Riding…

Last week our family went horseback riding for the first time ever! Our thanks goes to Nancy Shirey for opening up her home and horses to our family! The kids were SO excited! We brought along Momma Gigi and our good friend Diane (The Wedding Lady).

Gabriel, Mikela, and Rosie were ready to ride as soon as they saw the horses! The babies and Malaya were a little shy at first but after 30 minutes they saddled up! We got Jose on a horse too at the very end! We laughed till we cried watching him ride. The horse didn’t want Jose on him! He kept going to the fence and parking – waiting for Jose to get down! At one point Jose was just going in little circles – around and around! I got some of it on video and posted it below!

This was a MUCH NEEDED family outing. Been a difficult few weeks – but we learned a lot and know that somehow all of this will be for His Glory! We’ve got a busy month ahead of us in Haiti! Keep our family in your prayers as we start flying home tomorrow!!

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  1. You guys look awesome. Jose looks like he has been riding for ever, the way he was sitting. Just needed to put a cowboy hat on him. I am glad that the kids had a great time, and please give them hugs and kisses from us. Be safe going back to Haiti, and know that you are all in our prayers.

    Sis and Bevan

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