No Place Like Home…

We are SO happy to be home! No matter where we travel – where we lay our head – there is simply no place like home! Even the girls said on Thursday –  they were so excited to sleep in their own bed! Me too!

It was one of the smoothest trips we’ve ever had – thanks for all the prayers! We were so happy to see Kim, Austin, Seth, & Tahli at the Cincinnati Airport as we checked in!  Our family has a special and undeniable connection with Parkside’s team. It’s really neat to see how God brought all of us together!

The kids behaved themselves very well throughout the ENTIRE adventure home! ALL our bags made it safely and were  the first to show up in baggage claim! That is a miracle alone! After a few stops in PAP (shopping for medicine, food, and batteries) we were on our way to the Mole!

It seems like the kids picked up right where they left off! The boys immediately went into their room and started scattering their toys throughout the house! The girls immediately started playing with their dolls! Gigi looked like she had gained 20lbs since we were gone! She’s giggled as soon as she saw us and followed us everywhere we walked!!

And our newest addition –  Fedna  – looked BEAUTIFUL as she greeted us upon arrival!

I have blogged before about Fedna – the special needs girl who lives by the bridge! I wanted to update you on our latest decision. Tizzie has been taking care of Fedna the last few weeks – waiting for us to arrive. Her family has become VERY CLOSE to this precious little girl. She told me her children cried as she walked to my house on Thursday because they knew Fedna would be moving in with our family. How precious is that!

We really want whatever is best and safest for Fedna. It’s not about me adding another child to my house – it’s about protecting this child and providing her a loving environment! Tizzie asked me if she could please keep Fedna with her at night since her children loved playing and sleeping with her! How could I say no? It was obvious from Fedna’s smile that she is very happy where she is! So I agreed to let Fedna live with Tizzie. She will bring her by every morning to play at the house while she works. But once the workday is over – Fedna will go home with the people she already sees as her family. No matter where Tizzie is  – Fedna is always looking for her – smiling and reaching out her hand – listening for her voice! It has brought tears to my eyes seeing Fedna thrive and find that unconditional love from such a wonderful mother like Tizzie.

Tizzie is one of a kind to say the least. She has 5 children that she cares for- most of which aren’t hers personally. She didn’t hesitate to take Fedna under her wings and already considers her part of her personally family.

We have enjoyed the last two days unpacking and getting settled in! School starts Monday and the kids can’t wait – especially Gabriel! We have scheduled a staff meeting tomorrow after church so that we can discuss all the ministry that will be taking place this month! Have I mentioned that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what God has called me to do? I really consider it a privilege to serve alongside the Haitian staff!

Mole St Nicholas has changed my life! It has stretched me and made me the person I am today. It has forced me to grow up and really look at ministry in a totally different way. It’s my daily prayer that we can truly be His hands, feet, and face! That He will use us to bring these beautiful people into a personal relationship with Him!

We still need your prayers – EACH AND EVERY DAY! So keep them coming!

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  1. Love your stories!! Thanks for sharing about Fedna! She’s a lucky little girl to be apart of your family!

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