First Week of School…

Beth wrote this on her blog about the kid’s first week of school…..

Posted on September 10, 2011 by coachin4christ

After a weekend of cleaning, sorting, debugging and organizing the classroom and my own room…the Castillo children began classes bright and early Monday morning. In fact so early I had to send them back up stairs:>) 6:45am is a bit early, but I did so love their excitement. Gabriel, who is 4yrs old kept asking me every day, morning, noon and night if it was time for school. My reply was,” not yet big guy.”..”but Miss Beth I went to sleep and now I am up, isn’t it time for school?” He made me laugh so much, but I was so pleased he wanted to be in school. Even today as I write (Sat.) he came down and told me he was ready for school. So the kids came back down at 7:30 and we began our first day. Starting with our pledges (Christian flag, Bible and U.S. flag) then prayer. This week was about class rules, organizing and intro to what they will be learning this year. From Biology to learning how to write letters and numbers…from learning about the faith of Abraham to keeping our eyes wide open to see God at work in each other and in the community we live in we have much to do these first 10 weeks.
I asked all the kids for one prayer request for the Lord to help them with one specific area. I ask if you could pray along with them in this area as well. Rosie: to teach her how to pray. Malaya: to read really well. Mikela: to have a creative mind (she loves to draw, color, create). Gabriel: to write numbers and letters.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of these children that I have the privilege to teach. Lord thank you for how you use these children to teach me and how you use me in and out of the classroom. Lord we all live in Your classroom…let us all remember to have a teachable heart. Keep us ever seeking You and trusting You in all things big and small. You are faithful and my life is in Your hands. May these children grow to know you more and more each day and may You reveal Yourself to them in ways that their own faith will be ignited and will increase. In Jesus Precious Holy Name I pray. Amen

Mikela, Gabe, Malaya, Rosie

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