Malaya’s Birthday Party…

Even though Malaya turns 7 on January 20th – we celebrated her birthday this past Saturday so she could have a “real party” in the states! Being missionaries in Haiti – it’s hard sometimes for the kids to make good friends stateside. We simply aren’t here enough. It’s even harder trying to think of little ones that can come to a party – especially when the parents don’t know us very well.

Malaya was worried that kids would tease her because she wouldn’t have any friends at her party! She’s very sensitive when it comes to that. I knew I could easily come up with 4 kids  – Gabriel, Malaya, Mikela, & Rosie! I also knew I could count on my parents, Angel, and Diane Cornelius!! Malaya told me I had to invite them!!  But  PRAISE THE LORD – we were also blessed to have our neighbor’s two daughters, my cousin, and the Pastor’s daughter from Angel’s church! PHEW!!! We definitely had enough kids for a party!

The first time we met Miss Beth was in Kentucky when I was pregnant with the twins. One of the things we all did together was go bowling! Malaya has never forgotten!  So for Malaya’s birthday she wanted to go bowling first! After we bowled one game – which took us over an hour – we then headed to Gattitown. Gattitown is a pizza place that has games, bumper cars, & a carousel! You get tickets for every game you play. Then at the end you can redeem your tickets for little trinkets.

There was a magician there and Malaya got to have her own magic show! Too cute! After the magic we did cake and presents! Then all the kids went to play games! What a day! We started at 3pm and pulled into the drive at 8pm!

I remember all the special parties my momma threw for me when I was little. She always had a knack for creating memorable events! I’m so glad I was able to give Malaya a beautiful birthday memory!


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  1. Too cute. Happy Birthday Malaya!!!

    From Danny, Kim and Gabby Groves

    PS. Is the lighting bad or is Jose sporting a pink shirt? Either way he definitely blended in with all the pink at the party. What a good daddy.

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