Baking Cookies With Nana & Papaw…

The kids LOVE making sugar cookies with nana! This year even papaw joined in! If we’re ever in the same country at Christmas time – it’s tradition to bake cookies together! Nana even made the kids little aprons! Gabe and the girls were SO excited!!

This year the twins were old enough to participate. Now Asher was ALL about it. I had to keep reminding him not to eat the dough. He constantly had his hand in the flour bag too! Levi could have cared less about baking! Momma Gigi ended up filling in for him! He just wanted his picture taken! Every time we brought the camera out – he came running saying  – CHEESE!

Jose was hilarious as he brought my mom a shower cap to wear so that she could run a professional baking session! That’s really just our way of saying – keep your hair out of our cookies!

I’m All About Making Memories…

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