Christmas 2011…

Well it’s been another amazing Christmas for the Castillo Family!

When we flew out in November I really had no idea how we were going to afford our stateside visit – much less pull off Christmas. I was really concerned about the whole thing. I don’t know why I am surprised when God provides – but I am constantly in awe as He continues to hold us in His grip!

Mikela, Rosie, Malaya, & Gabe went Christmas shopping last week with Papaw. They bought a small gift for everyone in the family! On Christmas Eve around 5pm we all exchanged their gifts! It was pretty funny to see what their little minds thought of! Understand they spent 2 hours shopping with Papaw for these special gifts! My dad told me they were so funny because they wouldn’t just pick up anything.

Here are few of the cute things they gave:

1) Malaya gave Jose a Mickey Mouse cup. She gave her twin brothers car pillows. She gave me a Santa w/baby snow globe!

2) Mikela gave Nana an air freshener! She gave Momma Gigi cupcake socks! She gave me an angel ornament.

3) Gabe gave Nana a box of whoppers! He gave me a Tom & Jerry dvd! He gave Momma Gigi Christmas Window Stickers! He gave Malaya beef jerky! He gave Jose a Mickey Mouse CD.

4) Rosie gave me napkin holders! She gave Jose a bag of chocolate pretzels! She gave Nana Pretzel sticks. She gave Momma Gigi flavored chap stick.

The kids were SO EXCITED to exchange gifts with each other! It actually made me a little teary-eyed! Gabe would tell Malaya – “You’re really going to like this”. She opened up the beef jerky and smiled!! Rosie couldn’t wait for Jose to open his bag of pretzels! Mikela kept telling Nana that she really thought hard about what to get her and knew she’d like something that smelled good!

They would open up their small little gifts and immediately thank the person that gave it to them! I looked around me and although the gifts weren’t “much” –  they were the perfect gifts! There were no complaints. They were truly grateful. I was so proud. I will definitely hold onto this memory!

Later that night all the children went to look at Christmas lights with Papaw. Santa came while they were gone! They spent all night playing! Watching the girls play with their dolls my mind drifted back to the 5th grade. I wanted so badly to have an Oopsy Daisy doll! She was a doll that could crawl. She would fall while she crawled and would cry. I remember wanting that doll for months but my parents couldn’t afford it. I was SO HAPPY to see it under the tree!  I also wanted a New Kids on the Block Jordan doll! I ended up with New Kids on the Block Danny doll! He was my least favorite in the group! LOL! It was still one of the best Christmases! (And I still have both dolls!!)

Here are a few snippets of our last two days….

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