Happy New Year…

It’s the first day of 2012. It’s officially a New Year! Praise the Lord! 

Today many of us are reflecting over our last 12 months. We’re remembering the good & unfortunately the bad. We’re thinking about what we learned and what we’re hoping to forget. We’re setting goals  – dreaming dreams – deciding what things we will and won’t do in 2012. For many of us we’re more than happy to wash our hands of 2011. For others of us – there’s some anxiety of what 2012 might hold!

Each year carries its burdens and blessings. This past year definitely stretched us in many ways. There were many unexpected twists and turns – hills and valleys. Just like a roller coaster at an amusement park – during parts of the year our hands were in the air  screaming with glee! There were other parts of the year where we were flipped completely upside down –  twirling through each loop –  holding on for dear life!

While 2011 was perhaps one of the most challenging years for us – it also produced an incredible amount of growth. I think it’s safe to say that who we were in January 2011 is not even close to who we are now in January 2012. God exposed the realities of Haiti in a way we never anticipated. He empowered us in ways we never imagined. He enabled us to find an inner strength that we never even knew existed. He forced us to abandon all the people and places we fixated our hope on – and made us reposition it on Him alone.

Jose and I have talked a lot about our hopes and dreams for 2012. We talked about all the things we want for our family & our ministry! Then we laughed and wondered if our aspirations for 2012 are anywhere close to His!?!

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