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I’ve Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy…

Today I caught this tender moment with Asher, Levi, & Mme Nene.

The boys are singing in Creole – I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, – down in my heart!


I’ve been sick the last 10 days and as a result have become very anemic and hypoglycemic. I was really too tired to go to Bible Study today but I felt like I needed to since I missed it last week. When I arrived they asked if I wanted to speak. I told them I just didn’t have the energy to stand-up- but I’d love to let them lead.

Mme Nene who is singing above with the boys led us into a 45 minute intense singing/prayer time! I love to hear the women pray and sing. I don’t see how they have the energy to do it for so long with such passion! As she wrapped up this special time – I’m thinking the service is over and it’s time to go! But after that God-Glorifying Session – she asked if anyone wanted to share a testimony of what God is doing!

Several shared but the one that really touched me was a single mother with 3 children. She comes every week. She couldn’t weigh more than 90 pounds.

She began to share – I only eat a few times a week and it has been days since my family has eaten. I don’t have a husband or anyone to help me. I search for work every day so I can support my children but I have no luck. I sleep on my brother’s porch because he doesn’t have room in his house for me and my children. My family owns nothing – only the clothes on our backs. 

Now get this – – And today I  want to give a testimony of how great my God is.  How powerful and benevolent my God is! He has not forsaken me.

She began to sing about people losing hope and going to the witch doctor to find answers. But her hope is in Jesus and He is the answer! This hungry and truly suffering little lady was standing up – singing with all her might – hands in the air!

And here I was….too tired to even stand-up….

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Sleep Walkers…

So it’s 11:50pm right now and I decided to check on the kids. Since Gigi only sleeps a few hours a night – she sleeps by herself! I went to check on her and made sure she was dry!

The other 6 kids sleep together right next to our room. At this point I only have a flashlight and it’s dark! Now the boys were all together on the floor and the girls were all together in their bed at 9pm.

So I look down at the boys’ bed….and I count 3 people.

I look over at the girls’ bed and count 2 people…

So I’m missing one but at that point it’s still too dark to see which one. They have a tent in their room. I look in the tent and I don’t see anyone in there. For a brief moment my heart skips a beat! I’m thinking that one of the babies has walked outside the house! (They have figured out how to unlock our front door).

So I call for Jose to come here. And he looks around the room for a moment and then flashes his light BEHIND the tent….

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Standing Up To the Bullies…

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
II Timothy 1:7

For the last few weeks, my kids have been scared to death of the Mardi Gras. For those of you who are just tuning in – the Mardi Gras in Haiti is more than a party where folks throw beads and you dig for treasures in a King’s Cake. The Mardi Gras is scary. It’s Halloween in Haiti. And unlike our Halloween at home, there are no princess and cowboy costumes.

Yesterday, the Mardi Gras freak show paraded by our house YET AGAIN –  stopping at our front steps. Their goal is to intimidate and scare our children…and normally they do.

But yesterday was different. Yesterday, our little children stood firm. For the first time, the kids understood that without the scary masks, the Mardi Gras were just people. They came right to our steps and our girls didn’t cower away.

Our little Levi can only speak a few words clearly. As he’s learning both Creole and English – most of it is gibberish. However – he ran out to the steps yelling clearly – “NO MARDI GRAS”!

My very short little boy threw a mighty punch at this ugly monkey that nearly brought him to his knees!! I don’t think he’ll be chasing the kids anymore – at least not for the rest of the day! 🙂

Seeing their fearless brother – the girls took pictures of the bullies and didn’t run away. Once the motley crew of zombies saw that our children were no longer afraid –  they walked away. It’s not fun to scare them if they’re no longer crying in fear.

When I grew up, I was afraid of monsters in my room. My sister and I shared a room together until I was in the 1st grade. We had a giant water-bed – but at night I would sleep as close to her as I could.   I would hook my leg over one of her legs so I would know if she left in the middle of the night. I knew that if she were with me – maybe the monster would get her first!! LOL!  As time passed, I got over my fear because I realized there is no boogie man – or any other monsters!

For my children and the other children of Haiti, this is not the case. The boogie man is real! They can tangibly see him during the day and now Levi knows he can touch him. As we teach our children to stand up for Christ  – to have faith in His promises for their life – it takes on new meaning when there are LITERALLY blood curses poured on the front steps of your home. Nothing like seeing a cow’s head on your steps when your way to church! (No joke).

It’s put up or shut up time! And I’m proud to say—my children are ready to put up, dig in, stand tall, and scream loud at the Devil saying –  “BACK UP—WE’RE COMING THROUGH WITH FISTS A BLAZING!”


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And Just Like That…

Today Jose and I took down the boys’ cribs. I have known for months that we needed to do it. They are like little monkeys and climb out of their cribs as soon as we put them to bed. With the orphanage opening soon – we have decided to donate them. I have to tell you that it was really an emotional thing for me.

Nine years ago – Gigi came into our lives. At 2 years old and 7lbs she needed a little bed just for her! She needed a place where she could bounce around on her back. AND  let me tell you she could bounce two feet up in the air! So we went to a baby store in Miami and got her a little crib. Then we personally put it on the ship that was headed to Haiti.

It wasn’t long after that and Mikela came into our lives. She needed a little crib too! So we bought a 2nd one.  When we graduated Gigi out of her crib  – it was Rosie’s turn. Then Malaya. Then Gabriel. Then Asher & Levi.

One by one each of my little ones – all 7 of them – slept in those two cribs that Jose just put in the gator and took down the road.

There was a part of me that wanted to just hold on to them – – you know in case we “accidently” ended up with more kids! 😀

Those beds carried precious moments in time that once held my precious little ones. But then I thought about all the little babies that sleep on dirt floors. The little babies who don’t even have a blanket to lay their head on. The little babies who would love to bounce on a soft mattress!

Tonight the boys were so excited to see their new “bed” — which is just mattresses on the floor! They were already jumping up and down –  and falling all around! They have tasted freedom & absolutely love it!

Watching my silly little boys play on their mattresses – I realized something. Somehow in holding onto memories – I was holding my little babies back! They weren’t meant to be caged but to roam free!

As I lay in bed tonight – I can’t help but wonder……

How many other “things” am I holding back…….because I just can’t let go…..

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Our Ministry Machine Will Be Here Soon!

Last year I had a fundraising campaign for a Utility Vehicle that we could use to do ministry, medical clinics, &  emergencies! I am happy to report the vehicle is sitting in our Indianapolis Warehouse and will be shipped on the next container! I am SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it!

I have already been meeting with our Haitian ladies discussing which villages we want to focus our ministry on. We know how important it is as ladies/wives/mothers to be in the Word. We want to help other surrounding communities begin women’s bible studies! We want to train community leaders to take their local ladies into a deeper relationship with Christ!

This Ministry Machine will also allow me to host small medical clinics up in the mountains! These people must walk 6-10 hours just to find medical care. I cannot wait to reach out to them!

This will be just the first of many ministries that this machine will facilitate!

We appreciate your support and helping us make this purchase possible!