First Sunday With Our Little Orphan Babies…

The babies had a great night! I’m sure the bus ride tuckered them out! I know it tuckered me out.

This morning they had cornflakes and were dressed and ready for church! Our girls were pushing to get to church early so they could sit by the babies! Our new staff is SO good with the children. Their arms are always full! It was so cute to see them in the playroom on the floor PLAYING WITH the children! Our little Fedna was right on the floor too  – watching them play. It’s so cute to see her interact with her new family!

This afternoon Miss Beth, Jocelyn, and I went to check on those precious babies! We had heard that one of the little boys wouldn’t eat. His momma died less than 2 weeks ago and his little life has been flipped upside down.  I pulled out some candy and his little hand reached up! I found out later tonight he ate some rice. Poor little baby boy. I know he misses his mommy!

At dinner time I saw Momma Gigi with her Bible and songbook. I asked her if she was going to church tonight! Nope – she was off to the orphanage. She is staying 4 nights a week there (volunteering)! Tonight she is showing the ladies how to lead devotions with the babies! She was picking out scripture and songs that they were going to sing tonight! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

I’m still learning names and tomorrow I’m sitting down with the nurse to go over all the charts! I just absolutely LOVE our new family!

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  1. I recognize some of those faces but can’t put names to them..God bless your ministry.. I see another trip to the Mole in my future

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