Stateside Summer Fun…

Jose & I just finished our first week without 6 of our kids in Haiti. Asher, Levi, & Gabriel are staying with my sister  – and Mikela, Rosie, & Malaya are staying with my parents.

Many of you already know that Asher has heat-sensitive seizures and cannot stay in Haiti during the hottest months. So my sister & parents decided if one of them had to go stateside –  they might as well take another five!

Jose and I have left the kids in Haiti before when we’ve had board meetings & Catalyst  – but we’ve NEVER left them in the states before. I know this sounds crazy but I worry more with them stateside than Haiti-side. I know evil is everywhere but seems like they could be snatched or hurt a little more easily in the states than here in Haiti.

Tomorrow our team heads back to the states and on Saturday we have a new team coming in. So many of the team members have told me how much they’ve missed the kids – how they really do enhance their trips – and how much they really do minister to them! Nothing warms the heart of  a mother more than being affirmed that even if her children are a little wild – they are missionaries in the making!

Since they’ve been in the states the kids have had a total blast! They’ve been to camp, they’ve played on water slides, the girls are in gymnastics, Gabriel celebrated his 5th birthday, they’ve ate tons of ice cream, they’ve been able to spend quality time with our family, & they’ve made new friends! Here are some pictures of their stateside adventures!

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