Happy 1st Birthday Fabi!

It’s hard to believe this little girl turned 1 year-old today! When she came into our lives back in December I wasn’t sure what the future held for her – as she was unable to even hold up her head.

Here we are 6 months later and she’s holding onto our fingers ready to walk! She is crawling all over the place! She’s babbling and clapping her hands! God is doing extraordinary things in her life and the whole community is able to see it and celebrate!

Fabi was just so tiny when she came through our clinic. If you don’t remember her story – here’s the link: https://lifeoffering.org/2016/01/07/things-that-make-you-go-hmm-meet-fabi/

In January:
Her head circumference was 36.4 cm
Her length was 19.4 inches
Her weight was 7.2lbs




Today May 27th on her birthday:
Her head circumference is 40.6 cm
Her length is 25.3 inches
Her weight is 15.8lbs




She’s still not tall enough to make the growth chart but her weight is plotting at 3% now!


Today we had a family celebration to thank God for giving Fabi strength & protecting her precious little life. She’s another miracle in the making! Besides our family – we invited Fabi’s mother, father, & little brother Billy to the party. We als invited Momma Gigi, Mme Nene, Susan, & Beth.

We started the party off by thanking God for the way He has blessed Fabi’s life. Each one of us (including each of the kids) said a blessing/prayer that they wanted for Fabi this upcoming year.

Among many things they prayed: she would walk, talk, jump, know Jesus, see Jesus in all of us, walk with Jesus, grow stronger, grow taller, that her life would be protected, and that she’d be thankful for her family & friends.

Then we all enjoyed pizza, coke, and cupcakes! After that we played duck-pond where the duck you picked corresponded with a prize. The adults won a little money while the kids played for toys!! It was really cute!

Then Fabi opened her gifts. It was funny because Malaya would help her open her gift =  and just as Fabi got to hold it – she’d take it away so she could give her another present. Fabi wasn’t ready to put her new toys down.

At one point Fabi just threw everything off her little tray – she wasn’t playing this game anymore! LOL!

My kids didn’t want the little brother to leave empty handed – so they gathered some of their big toy trucks and gave it to little Billy. It was precious to watch.



It was really a nice treat to spend time with her family tonight. I ask that you continue to pray for this sweet family and how we can reunite Fabi back with them. Her mom is in our discipleship group and our sewing class…. but her father is far from the Lord.

Though I would love to keep her forever – (tearfully) I know she’s not mine to have. She still needs a lot of therapy that I’m happy to give daily…. but she’s coming to a point where she should begin to transition more with her family and less time here.

I see her like I would a grandchild… someone who gets long visits at our home & as much love as one can receive. I will continue to make sure all her needs are met. My children see her as their little sister and not having her all day long will be hard. But to carry out the vision for my medical nursery I can’t keep every child who comes through my doors. (Right? I think that’s right. I’m told that’s right! LOL…but not really because it’s so hard to love and let go.)

Unfortunately there are some serious safety concerns that makes reuniting her not possible just yet. I am believing in God’s timing …as there are so many moving parts. Though after tonight – I do feel more hopeful than I have since we learned her whole story.

Momma Gigi prayed tonight as we circled together with her family – that if they think satan has the answers – will they see God’s power right now. If they are crossing the line into satan’s territory – will God please wrap His arms around them and bring them back on the right path.

Will you pray that with us? Will you please pray for wisdom and guidance so that we may do the very best thing for this beautiful baby that God as allowed us to love & care for?


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