Well Surprise! Surprise!

On November 17th, we received a very special and unexpected Holiday package! 🎁 🎄No, it wasn’t from Amazon!

It was on that Tuesday that a very sweet grandfather introduced us to his 2-month old, twin granddaughters. Sadly, his daughter died unexpectedly just 31 days after giving birth.

She was his only child… and these precious angels are his only grandchildren. His daughter never knew who their father was and he alone has been responsible for their care.

He wants to be involved in their lives – as all grandfathers should be. However, he’s not equipped to be their main caregiver.

He promised his daughter the night before she died, that he would dedicate his life to making sure her babies (his granddaughters) were fully loved and cared for.

After several conversations, we brought the babies into our home. Now this weary grandfather can find a little peace/rest – AND the twins can have their immediate needs met.

When he came to visit the babies that following Sunday, we made the commitment to care for them for the next 3 months.

Please pray along with us while we seek God’s guidance about their future and what role our family will play.

In the meantime… meet Amia & Aria.

After posting this update on Facebook, several people suggested I post a link for those who may feel led to help with any needs we may have for Aria and Amia.

Please note: WHETHER the babies remain with us or we find extended family – everything we buy for them will stay with them.


Living in Haiti with newborns can be a bit tricky because there’s not a Walmart nearby. Here’s how we are making things happen right now:

-Our Port-Au-Prince staff (who live 11 hours away from us) have been shopping for wipes, diapers, and other daily needs. There’s a bus that comes twice a week that brings us those supplies.

-We saved a few things back from when Fabi was a baby which we dug out of our depot the day they arrived. (Most of our baby things we gave away to staff who had their own babies).

-Jose happened to be in the states a week ago at the mission’s annual board meeting. He was able to bring in several things to make their First Christmas extra special.

-We also shipped a few things to MFI. ***They have a flight from Florida into Haiti once a week. It usually takes 10 days (after it arrives) before we get it. They charge $1.90/pound but it’s our most viable option


Bigger items we purchased already & shipped to MFI:
-pack n play crib with 2 bassinets
-1 swing (we had one swing already)
-2 little chairs
-diaper changing station
-2 slings
-play mat

Smaller items we purchased locally or Jose brought in:

** I’ve included a pic of the things we’ve purchased for them so far. If you’d like to contribute towards ANY of these unexpected & unplanned purchases – we would sincerely appreciate it. Even a $10.00 donation helps us buy diapers, wipes, toiletries, and on-going daily needs.

An online donation can be made by clicking this link: https://www.nwhcm.org/donate_mole  ***Simply write “TWINS” in the notes section!

Or Checks can be sent to:
7301 N Georgetown Rd
Suite 190
Indianapolis, IN 46268

***Please include a note that it’s for the Castillo TWINS!

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