And Just Like That… Flight Update

From Facebook this past Thursday… 
At 9:45am, we received that highly anticipated call from MAF letting us know they’re on their way to pick us up! ✈️ 🎉

We didn’t land in time to catch the 1pm flight to Miami, so unfortunately I had to cancel my scheduled surgery.

We called the doctor’s office who completely understood but also informed us that the next opening isn’t until mid-August. 😔

Surprising  (just a few hours later) the nurse called back and said the doctor insisted that they work me in next week.  Phew! I’m now scheduled for Wednesday.

In the meantime, they want me to stop by their office for lab work and another blood transfusion. I have had a really difficult time with anemia.


On Saturday I went to the hospital for labs.  After receiving a few bags of blood & fluids – I was scolded  that my hemoglobin was critically low and I was just days away from being in a serious situation.   I was diagnosed with a slow-bleeding ulcer, hiatal hernia, and a few other intestinal/colon issues last month.

I may or may not  have asked/pushed/forced my doctor to let me return to Haiti last month because I was desperate to work with the therapy team.  I really needed their expertise to address several important issues involving children from our campus and community.

It was just supposed to be 10 days and I promised to fly out if things progressed.  I mean I have ALWAYS found a way to get out for my own medical emergencies –  which is what I told the doctor.

I was originally scheduled to leave last Friday & couldn’t because of the assassination of the President.  We moved our flights to Tuesday but then the plane  we needed had broke down again.

I  finally made it out of Haiti on Thursday – made it to KY on Friday – and made it to their office on Saturday!

I explained that I’m here right?  I made it!  I can STILL confidently say that I always find a way out!  I’m batting 100%! 😂  – They didn’t laugh!🙄

Although I can’t prove it – I’m pretty sure they stuck me a few extra times (when putting in my IV)  as my punishment! 🩸 💉 🤕

Just a Side Note….✏️

Many people have mentioned that I don’t post as much as I used to. There’s several reasons why – but the biggest involves a voodoo tribe that closely monitors anything we say on social media.

For example:

  • If I ask for prayers for my health, they’ll read that and spin it. They’ll take credit for it … claiming it’s proof that their curses against us are working.
  • If I say I need surgery – it’s already rumored within hours -that their last sacrifice worked.
  • If we post about where we are going – like to visit another village – they show up.
  • If we mention we are flying back home to the Mole – they show up at airstrip.

We had a natural hedge of protection (cactus/trees) along our back property. They cut down all the trees surrounding our property line and have services right at that line. We wake up to slaughtered animals in our back yard frequently.

We’re engaged in a fierce spiritual battle – and any public mention of a struggle is just seen as a victory for them.  So I was a bit hesitant to share about our latest and greatest drama. But I’m SO glad I pushed through those doubts.

The reason we were able to leave today is because a stranger read our post and gave up their flight. They don’t personally know us, but are friends of friends. They “randomly” came across our prayer request and decided to help. WOW!

I almost missed out on a big blessing because I didn’t want to post anything that might add fuel to the fire. 🔥  (Which they don’t need any more fuel – as their fires already burn brightly during the services they hold behind our home).

Anyways – I don’t know what doubts you have  or what fears are keeping you from fully embracing what God is calling you to do. BUT – there’s blessings to be found if you push through it!!

THANK YOU for being such faithful prayer warriors for us! I needed the reminder that we aren’t going through this life alone.

As my dad would say…. Don’t rob others of the chance to be used by God because you are too afraid to speak up.

The reward we reaped today – had everything to do with the abundance of prayers from our friends, our families, and apparently very selfless strangers!

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