Mini May Update…

Below are a few updates from my FACEBOOK posts…




In just a few months from now, Malaya will be spending her senior year of high school in Missouri with a dear family friend.

As most of you already know, I have to fly out of Haiti every 3-4 months for cancer scans & follow-up surgeries.

One of the therapists who works with us in Haiti, has become a VERY close friend. Our kids are roughly the same ages.

She has a son who is a junior, and his prom was this past Saturday. (Which happens to be the same week of my medical appointments).

He asked Malaya to go and she said yes! For those of you who know Malaya, you are just as shocked as I am!

Dressing up, wearing make-up & jewelry, hanging out with kids her own age – complete strangers at that – – AND knowing that I’m gonna want to take pictures and make funny remarks … that’s her perfect storm!?! 😅🤣😂

But she stepped out of her comfort zone, and had a wonderful night with a really great friend!

I knew she would be okay after we took their pictures. Eli acted silly, made her laugh, and she was immediately at ease.

I am so proud of her. I’m MUCH LESS worried about her senior year now! She’s totally gonna be fine!


FROM MAY 16th…

My medical reports look good so far, and I’m cleared to fly back home. Yeah!🎉🥰

In August, we will drop Malaya off in Missouri for her senior year, and begin packing for our annual boat shipment.

Since we’ll already be out for 6 weeks this fall, we have scheduled my two needed surgeries for that same time frame. I hate being away from the kids any longer than I have to, so the doctors agreed we can wait.

We appreciate all of your prayers for my health – and for our safety as we head home! God is good!

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