NO Hokey Pokey in 2023 For Me…

You put your left arm in. You put your left arm out. You put your left arm in- and – you shake it all about! You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around! That’s what it’s all about!

Wait. WHAT?!? I can’t put my left arm in or out!  No Hokey Pokey for me this year!

As some of you may remember – I fell in October while walking up exactly 2 steps. I put an emphasis on “exactly 2” because that’s basically the minimum amount required in order to quantify as steps.

Our twin toddlers can walk up these 2 steps unassisted! But me – not a chance! I have fallen both up AND down them! Each time, I have required surgery to repair something from those falls! Last time it was my right hand.

ANYWAYS- My left shoulder hasn’t gotten any better these past 3 months. I still can’t lift my left arm up or out. 

Malaya was scheduled to leave Haiti this past Thursday. She convinced me that I needed to leave with her and see my orthopedic surgeon. She’s so bossy… I think she gets it from Jose! 😉😂


Today – I found out that I completely detached the tendon that is connected to my rotator cuff.

In medical terms the report says “Complete tear with refraction of the supraspinatus tendon. It’s a full thickness tear”.

My surgeon said, “Imagine a yo-yo that bounces back-up and the string completely wraps around the coil. You detached that tendon so forcefully that (like the yo-yo string) your tendon completely snapped and then recoiled itself around the shoulder socket. It’s wrapped so tightly it’s barely even visible in the MRI.”

I had right shoulder surgery a few years ago. At that time – I had a small rotator cuff tear with minimal damage.

But what I have now is the “worst case scenario”. He said he sees it all the time – so there’s no worries. BUT as far as shoulder injuries go – I’ve done as much damage as anyone could possibly do.

To which I responded… “Well of course I did! I don’t like to do anything half-way”!

Surgery is on Tuesday. They will send me home on a IV pain pump.

He said he knows I want to go back to Haiti 10 days after surgery- which he WILL allow me to do. BUT he thinks I’ll change my mind because I will still be in significant pain.

To which I responded, “Thanks for ALL the positive encouragement!”

Recovery is 3 months in a sling followed by  3 months of physical therapy (which I can do on my own in Haiti).  I also can’t lift more than 2 pounds for a total of 6 months.

So 2023 is already off to a bang for the Castillo Clan! #neveradullmoment

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