On Thursday, we boarded the plane from Lexington to Miami with my parents! On Friday, we flew from Miami to PAP. Then on Saturday, we finally flew home to the Mole! ✈️

It took us 3 days to travel here – and another 3 days for me to recover. Jose & Asher took VERY good care of me and my parents. Even still – the chaotic airports, hard hotel beds, and the bumpy ride from the airstrip to our house…resulted in a VERY painful & sore shoulder.

My Haitian kids are still waiting (over 18 months already) for an appointment at the Embassy so they can renew their visas. They haven’t seen my parents since January 2022, when they joined us for Christmas. It was a very short but sweet family reunion on the airstrip!💕🏝️

I’m SO thankful for your prayers, our safe travels, for the hilarious stories we experienced with my parents, and for finally getting back into my normal routine!!

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  1. Blessed beyond measure. It was great sharing the evening with you and parents in Versailles prior to you flying back to Haiti.

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