Princess Camp Is Ready…

After weeks of cleaning, de-cluttering, and decorating…our princess palace is ready!


We had planned to start this camp last week, but we didn’t realize that this is exam-time for the schools. The leaders as well as most of the girls aren’t allowed to come until finals are over.


SO…we will be starting on Monday!


I blogged more about this program a few weeks ago on our Mole Blog.


Below are some (many) pictures from the room! We still have a balloon arch to add but have to wait until closer to time. I know many of the pics look the same with just slightly different angles…but what can I say…. we love this room!!!


As you can tell from the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos…this room required 40+ hours of work from Malaya and me!  Over  12 tubs of supplies were packed out of the room so we could create the ‘ambiance’ I was looking for.


SIDE NOTE: Malaya can be really mean when it comes to deciding what I’m allowed to keep in the room! 😂 




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