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Four Girls, One Boy, and a Little Baby……

I know that this is random how I post – I go from something serious to something silly all in one day but that’s just really how my life is. It goes from horrible headaches and stressful situations to laughing so hard we cry. We are at my sister’s house in Ohio this weekend. It’s been a little crazy. We brought Janeil and Heather’s daughter NeNe with us this weekend so she could spend time with her cousins before we head back to Haiti. So we’ve got 4 girls, one baby, and then Lori’s son DJ. 

For any of you who were in Haiti this past December – I’m sure you remember little DJ – my nephew. He’s certainly quite the character. When the girls watched Cheetah Girls on Disney Channel yesterday they all picked out who they wanted to be in the movie and then danced. Dj yells out – Can I be Harry Potter? LOL! Sure you can –  Kind of not what we’re talking about right now – but sure. 

So we flipped through the channels tonight and the movie Grease was on.  They were all dancing and we couldn’t help but bring out the video camera! Even little Gabriel was bouncing around! 

Actually….maybe this is why I have a headache today!! LOL!

For Your Entertainment…………..

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