The Rain Came Down and The Floods Came Up

Just got off the phone with one of the manager’s at the orphanage. They said that the river that we normally take between Port-de-Paix and the Far West is really high now. It’s up to the police station and no one is able to pass. So all the places by that river are completely flooded out.  It’s rained hard for two days straight now. I talked to Matt yesterday and he didn’t have much to say for our area where the compound is at. We just got off the phone with Curtis and he said that it’s raining some and they’re just now starting to get flooded. They’ve already started sandbagging. 

We talked to Wesley’s family in Gonaives and they said it’s completely flooded and people are standing on their roof tops. They said it’s worse than Hurricane Jean in that specific area. Jean killed over 3000 people in Gonaives.

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