Prayers for Courtney…… Baby Sarah

I had blogged before about Sarah – the cleft-lip baby that Courtney had been taking care of non-stop since she came in July. Her parents wanted to throw her away because of her deformity. She passed away about 5 minutes ago. Courtney just called me and of course is completely broken-hearted about it. This is the baby we were trying to get a medical visa for. We had already started all the paperwork and of course Courtney couldn’t have loved this baby anymore if she were her own.

Please pray for Courtney right now with the loss of her beautiful Haitian daughter. Courtney has taught not only me- but all the Haitian people who met Sarah – what unconditional love is. She toted her around proudly. There is no doubt that anyone who saw Courtney take care of Sarah  – saw Christ. Sarah may never know how many lives she touched – but I do pray that Courtney may know how many lives that she touched through her love and care for Sarah.

 I know God is holding her right now – and for the first time she has no pain, no one staring at her in disgust, but simply overwhelming love from her Father.


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  1. Oh Jody! I am SO sorry to hear this! Our team spent so much time in prayer for this little girl and she really touched our hearts. Courtney was definately her guardian angel… now Sarah has the chance to do the same.

  2. Dear Jody
    We are so brokenhearted over the news of baby Sarah’s death. Alyssa and I fell in love with her the moment we saw her. Alyssa wanted to take her home with us. She was with Courtney and Sarah on a daily basis during our trip in July. Please let Courtney know that she is and has been in our prayers. I can’t imagine the pain she is feeling. We love her and Sarah. God bless all of you! Love Karen Bayliff and family

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