Month: August 2008

I Think God Just Yelled At Me

It was 4am and I found myself curled up in my bed, rocking myself back and forth, crying with the worst headache and arm pain. I don’t understand – it’s been nearly 8 days since I’ve had any major problems.  I think for the first time ever – […]

I’m a Grandma!

Now it seems unlikely that at 28 years old I could actually be a grandmother – but sadly – it’s probably not that unlikely anymore. When I was 9 years old I used to play with the children in the nutritional center. That’s actually how I learned Creole. […]

Tropical Storm Update

I just talked to Matt today at the compound. He said that everything is just fine. I know that the south – Port-au-Prince area had some deaths and lots of rain and wend. By the time it went through the mountains the northwest part of our area got […]

Tropical Storm/Hurricane

Jacques is in PAP looking for Roach foggers and clearing a shipping container. He told me that all the airlines are shut down and that the radio told everyone NOT to go out of their homes today. They said there is 90 mph wend. It’s mainly south right […]

Just Burn It Down

Those are the thoughts and feelings I have right now as I just got off the phone with Momma Gigi. She had called to find out how I was doing. However – I could tell in her voice that she had some bad news to give me. I […]

Insurance Companies are the DEVIL!

Now it’s true. It’s 4am and past history should tell me it’s never good to blog when I really should be sleeping. However – I feel a little compelled to write as I’ve received yet again a beautiful email about how if I had insurance then I wouldn’t […]

What Color Do You Want To See?

Part of my job now with doing travel is to pick out next year‘s shirt color. Everyone has a different style – so it’s hard to pick a color that everyone will like. I want to hear your opinions.  What Color shirt? What Color do you want the […]