Month: October 2008

Presidential Elections

I heard a really great sermon yesterday that talked about the upcoming elections. Something about the way he worded it made me have peace and I thought I would share that with you. Do you realize that regardless who wins – God always has 51%? By acting like […]

17 Kids And Counting….

So last night I was up as usual only I’m staying with my sister until my doctor’s appointment. She doesn’t have my favorite – HGTV – but she does have TLC. So I was flipping through the channels and found this show called 17 Kids and Counting. This […]

Can’t Sleep Part 2

So it’s about 3:00 am and here I sit – wide awake. I don’t know how my body is functioning anymore. I have slept less than 12 hours total over the last 4 days. I’m sleepy but I just can’t seem to shut myself down. I’ve laid down […]

Still No Real Answers

I appreciate all your prayers. I have already gotten my records from Central Baptist and dropped it off at the neurology office. I had a conversation with the neurologist’s nurse and didn’t get any peace from that conversation. It looks like even if we know that it’s the […]

Can’t Sleep….

So it’s about 4am and here I sit. You know what’s on TV at 4am – NOTHING! I’m sitting here watching HGTV (I know it’s sad). I watch HGTV so much that now as I drive past any house I think about whether it has Curb Appeal or […]

In Kentucky….

I’m in Kentucky. Janeil and Ne Ne came to get me in Louisville. I got to spend some time with little Ruby. WOW – how gorgeous is she! She has the perfect little face and head and little body! You just want to cuddle with her all day. […]

Leaving on Monday…

I’ll be leaving tomorrow to fly to Miami and overnighting and flying to Kentucky on Tuesday. Please be in prayer for me as I travel – I’m going stand-by and I really want to make all my flights. I hope to be seeing my neurologist on Wednesday and […]